10 popular children's names with a botanical background

10 beliebte Kindernamen mit botanischem Hintergrund - FARBIO® - Nachhaltige Bio-Flüssigdünger aus Hamburg

Many popular names for children originally come from botany. Either from the common name, the German name for a plant, or from the botanical name, the Latin word for the plant. Other names have their roots in words from another language area or words from other ancient languages. Among these names there are many female first names that can be traced back to flowers. An absolute classic of old and new poetry: comparing a beautiful woman with a fragrant, colorful flower. But there are also some surprising male first names among them! We have put together some beautiful first names with a botanical background for you:

Pink – rose

The classic among children's names with a plant background: pink. The name comes from the Latin word for the rose we all know. Similar names that have the same origin include Rosemarie, Rosalie, Roswita or double names that contain the component rose or pink. Double names such as Rosa-Maria or Rosemarie are or were particularly popular. The rose is a symbol of innocence and beauty and is considered a symbol of the Virgin Mary.

Erika – heather

Erika is an old German name. This name is based on the Latin name for the erica family, also known as heather. The female first name Heide, which is also often combined as the double name Heidemarie, also has the same word origin. The male form of this name would be Erik or Eric.

Ivo – Yew

Ivo - a name for boys that originally comes from the Norman word for yew. This first name is quite rare. Yves also exists as a French variant of this name.

Florian – Blooming

The name Florian comes from the word Floris and means the one in bloom! The female counterpart is the name Flora, which means blossom, flower or plant.

Oliver – olive tree

This very popular first name comes from the Latin word Olavarius , which translates as “olive tree” or “olive tree”. This word was then adopted into Old French, from which the name Oliver developed in the Anglo-Germanic area. The female counterpart to Oliver is the first name Olivia.

Lars – Laurel

The first name Lars surprisingly comes from the Latin word Laurus , which means laurel wreath. Similar first names with the same origin are Lorenz, Lauritz, Laurenz and Laurin. Female variants would also be Laurenzia or Laura, for example.

Jasmine – Jasmine

A girl's name that is also popular in Arabic and Persian countries is Jasmine. This is simply derived from the real jasmine. A beautifully flowering shrub whose flowers are fragrant.

Viola – violets

Viola - this name comes from the Latin word for the botanical family of violets. These flowers are native and grow in forests and meadows, but are also very popular as garden plants.

Iris – Iris

This name comes from Greek and means to indicate or announce, but is also the name of a local flower. The name Iris exists in both English and German-speaking countries.

Poppy and Ivy – poppies and ivy

Poppy is the English word for the poppy plant. Ivy translated from English means ivy.

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