Flaschengarten – an ecosystem on the shelf

Flaschengarten – ein Ökosystem im Regal - FARBIO® - Nachhaltige Bio-Flüssigdünger aus Hamburg

A bottle garden is a small closed ecosystem. As the name suggests, it consists of a bottle in which plants are placed. This garden is watered vigorously once after planting and then closed. The water is absorbed by the roots, evaporates through the leaves and collects on the wall of the bottle. The existing water cannot escape and runs through a water cycle again and again. The planting can be designed individually. It is advisable to use tropical plants due to the high humidity.

You can build bottle gardens yourself at home, but you can also buy them. They are available in many different variations and with different plant species. In this article we show you beautiful bottle gardens as inspiration.

Colorful patterns

Black sand was used instead of brown soil in the bottle garden by @plantimglas . Larger stones lie on the sand and moss was used as ground cover. This makes the great patterns of the mosaic plants appear even better. The contrast between the uniform green and the small red leaves catches the eye of the beholder. Plants in the glass is a pop-up store in Hamburg.

bottle garden

Small but nice

It doesn't always have to be the largest glass - sometimes a small glass is enough. This bottle garden was made by @my_lonely_planet_berlin . A small, hilly landscape was created with moss and stones, on which two white rabbits and a ladybug figure are sitting. Under the layer of earth you can see the colorful sand from the outside, which serves as drainage. This also brings a little color into the garden. You don't always need a lot of plants, a few moss cushions are enough.

Bottle garden with figures


Special tropical plants can also be placed in a bottle garden, such as carnivorous plants. did just that in this bottle garden. A pitcher plant and a Venus flytrap were used. It is only important to ensure that the correct soil is used. There is extra carnivore soil in the garden center, this is more acidic than normal soil. In addition, a lot of moss was used in this bottle garden. He looks like you have your own little swamp at home.

Bottle garden swamp

In this particular bottle garden , @verdant.essence used a thin thread to hang a piece of wood with a tillandsia on it. It gives the impression of floating in the bottle garden. Otherwise the entire floor was covered with moss. It is kept simple, but very breathtaking due to this effect.

Bottle Garden Moss


@fascinating.foreign.foliage worked with a root or a branch in the large glass. Many different species have been planted around it. It looks like a jungle: different types of ferns, mosaic plants and mosses were used. Light beige stones were used over the brown earth, which harmonises very well with the color of the wood.

bottle garden
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