8 DIY decoration ideas with plants that beautify your home

8 DIY Deko-Ideen mit Pflanzen, die Deine Wohnung verschönern - FARBIO® - Nachhaltige Bio-Flüssigdünger aus Hamburg

Houseplants in old kitchen utensils

Instead of putting your old pots, pans, cups, sieves and ladles on your doorstep in a “to give away” box, you could try something new and simply plant them. You certainly won't regret it, because the unusual pots are a real eye-catcher and will definitely cause a stir! If you don't have such plant containers at home, a visit to the flea market will do the trick (or simply raid other "to give away" boxes).

Plant in cup

Air plants as bathroom decoration and dehumidifier

Admittedly, so-called air plants are something exotic. These very easy-care plants do not require soil. They usually occur in warm, humid tropical areas near the equator. In order to meet these requirements, they must be sprayed with a little water from time to time. But let's be honest: who doesn't love an extra-hot shower after which the moisture just wafts through the bathroom. Win-win situation! The air plants get their money's worth and you have an ecologically valuable and sustainable dehumidifier that also looks super cool. However, this decoration idea only works in bathrooms with daylight, because like all plants, air plants need light to thrive!

Toxic green moss wallpaper: Houseplants with a difference

If you don't know about wall plants yet, you're definitely missing out. Because houseplants no longer just stand horizontally in their small terracotta pots, they now also thrive vertically. You can order sets for such wall plants online. The advantages of such planting are diverse; you can plant your interior spaces or your exterior facades. The plants clean the air of pollutants, absorb a lot of noise and lift your mood immensely, because you can show off a wall like this!

Extra tip: The whole thing is also available as an artificial plant version. Although it doesn't need any care, it collects dust much more quickly and doesn't do anything for the climate in the apartment or the world climate in general.

Plants in a picture frame: Simply do it yourself

If you love plants but have absolutely no green thumb, it might be worth taking a long walk and picking a few plants from the side of the path. You can then press and frame these at home with a plant press or with books. There are no limits to your creativity: whether neatly arranged in a white frame or as a bouquet or pattern, it is guaranteed to look great. For a very special look, try a transparent glass frame.

Hang plants

Space is tight, I've bought another new book and the little cactus has to go. Luckily there is the curtain rod and the hook in the wall from the previous tenant. Because: Plants can also be hung up. This not only saves space on shelves and tables, but also looks good. You can make the holders yourself: crocheted, knitted or knotted, a hanging swing for the pot is quick to make. For the less talented, a simple knot is enough so that the pot doesn't come off the ceiling. If you prefer not to take any risks, you can also purchase the corresponding devices online!

Hanging plants

Biotope in a glass

If you have patience and a knack for greenery, then we recommend this cool interior decoration idea. If you do everything right, your mini garden in a glass will hardly need any additional water, but will create its own climate. It's enough if you spray the small garden with water every now and then. For the design you will need a sterile jar, sterile soil (purchased soil straight from the package), sterile stones, crushed charcoal for nutrients and a few undemanding plants adapted to the microclimate such as mosses and ferns. All components should be purchased rather than collected to ensure that unwanted organisms are not introduced into the system. A mini garden like this is also a great gift idea! And if you don't dare to design it yourself: you can also buy such gardens in glass ready-made.

Trees instead of succulents

Anyone can do cactus! Why not just bring a tree into the house.
However, in order to grow a tree in the house, you have to take a few things into account: A tree needs a lot more soil and a much larger pot than a normal houseplant, so growing a tree in the room can be quite a difficult task. So make sure your floor can withstand such weight. When choosing a tree, you have to keep in mind that it is quite warm and light in your apartment all year round; native tree species, for example, need a winter break in which they need cold and a certain amount of darkness. So it's best to choose a tree species from warmer climates that doesn't lose its leaves in autumn. The possibilities are endless and best of all, some tree species have beautiful flowers or even bear edible fruit! If that's not a reason to put a tree in your room immediately. Don't worry: the amount of soil and pot limits the tree's growth. If there are too few nutrients and no space left for the roots, the tree will not grow indefinitely.

Vegetables from the living room

Did you know that you can grow your own vegetables and herbs in your living room? Strictly speaking, this isn't a decoration idea, but it's pretty cool and still looks very good! Here, too, it must be noted that a raised bed with the appropriate volume weighs a few kilos, so it is better to find out beforehand whether your soil can withstand this load! Fortunately, such beds are also available in practical mini format.

Vegetables such as tomatoes, zucchini, peppers or onions also thrive in the climate of your apartment and you don't have to depend on the weather! This way you can harvest fresh peppers even in January. The organic waste from your plants can be turned into new fertilizer with a mini compost, so you maintain the nutrient cycle of your raised bed! For the less courageous: A raised bed also looks great on the balcony!

You can find the right FARBIO® organic fertilizer for vegetable plants in our online shop. This natural and selected active ingredient immediately helps with the development and growth of your vegetables and ensures an intense taste.

Biotope in a glass