Biostimulants - benefits for plants explained

Biostimulanzien - Vorteile für Pflanzen erklärt - FARBIO® - Nachhaltige Bio-Flüssigdünger aus Hamburg

Biostimulants are already widely used in (organic) agriculture and are now also attracting increased attention in the world of houseplants. Because they promote growth and help to keep the plants healthy. The natural substances are able to optimize the nutrient efficiency of the plants and thus increase the effectiveness of fertilization. In addition, due to their protective mode of action against abiotic, unfavorable conditions, they represent an alternative to chemical pesticides to a certain extent. But how do the plant additives differ, how do they actually work and what advantages do they offer your Monstera, Philodendron and Co. exactly? These questions will be answered in this article, because biostimulants can be an important part of successful and sustainable plant care!

What are biostimulants?

There are different biostimulants - they are usually organic compounds, such as amino acids, proteins, humic acids, algae extracts or plant hormones.

Plant biostimulants are substances that improve plant health and growth. In addition, plants can better withstand stressful situations such as heat and drought or disease and pest infestation, and crops have an increased yield.

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It is important to note that biostimulants are different from fertilizers. Fertilizers contain nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, while biostimulants do not directly contribute to plant nutrition but promote plant growth in other ways.

Biostimulants are valued for stimulating natural processes - in the soil and in the plant itself, thereby optimizing nutrient uptake and efficiency.

What are biostimulants made of?

The starting materials for this unique mixture of natural plant and soil additives and pesticides are usually: Beneficial fungi such as mycorrhiza, bacteria, microorganisms, humic and fulvic acids, algae extracts and other plant substances.

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Effect on plants: plant protection and stimulate growth

These substances interact with the plant cells and strengthen various physiological processes that promote plant growth and increase tolerance to abiotic stress - so they have a beneficial effect on plants.

Exactly how biostimulants work is not fully understood, but it is believed that they have multiple benefits and complex effects on plants. These include improving nutrient absorption, increasing root development. But biostimulants can also be used as natural plant protection - they show an effect in strengthening the defense mechanisms against diseases and pests, promoting photosynthesis and increasing stress resistance.

Do they belong to plant protection products?

Certain biostimulants are considered soil conditioners or plant strengtheners. These fall under the Fertilizers Act. However, certain biostimulants also fall under the Plant Protection Act if they are biological plant protection products. It is always necessary to look at which ingredients, product group and thus regulation are involved in order to determine this. This is usually declared on packaging. Biostimulants can therefore be clearly assigned neither to fertilizers nor to pesticides.

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Fertilize for plant growth

The basis of successful plant care is the supply of all main nutrients. The most important include nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. You will find these in the vegetable fertilizers of the FARBIO® basic supply .

Our FARBIO® organic fertilizer for vegetable plants efficiently supplies them with all the important active ingredients and thus ensures intensive fruit and flower formation. Our active ingredient helps your vegetables to develop and ensures an intense taste. Joint use with biostimulants primarily ensures yield and quality protection under unfavorable growth conditions!

Our FARBIO® foliar fertilization has the advantage that no nutrients are lost in the soil through absorption through the leaves. The FARBIO® Nitrogen Bio-Boost contains the important building block nitrogen - for the formation of many large leaves!

The FARBIO® organic micro-complex is a vegan foliar fertilizer for easy application on plants with nanoparticle technology, biostimulants and trace elements!