Biotic and abiotic factors: how do they affect plants?

Biotische und abiotische Faktoren: Welchen Einfluss haben sie auf Pflanzen? - FARBIO® - Nachhaltige Bio-Flüssigdünger aus Hamburg

In order to take optimal care of your plants, it is important to understand them. A variety of environmental influences affect them - positively and negatively. Here you can find out everything about the influence of possible stress factors so that you can eliminate them and enjoy healthy plants in the long term!

What factors affect your plant?

Factors that influence a plant from the outside are so-called environmental factors. There are two categories of environmental factors. Biotic environmental factors are all living things that affect the plant. Abiotic environmental factors are non-living influences acting on the plant. These factors either affect a plant positively by matching the factors to the needs of the plant, or they cause stress to a plant and lead to a significant deviation from the optimal state of life. They affect the normal functioning of the plant, limit its productivity, the harvest can be reduced in quality and quantity, or the plant dies.  

What are biotic stressors?

Biotic environmental factors affecting a plant can be other plants, pathogens, insects, animals and humans.  

There are positive and negative interactions between species. Biotic stress, i.e. a negative interaction, represents, for example, the competition between plants for nutrients. Furthermore, attacks by herbivores and parasites or parasitic plants are also biotic stressors. Allelopathy describes an interaction between several plants that can cause stress. Plants emit chemicals through leaves or roots that can affect another plant. For example, the growth of neighboring plants can be restricted. A positive biotic environmental influence is, for example, the pollination of plants by insects.  

What are abiotic stressors?

Abiotic environmental factors affecting a plant are temperature, humidity, light, soil pH, nutrients and fire. But chemical factors such as herbicides, gases, salinity and heavy metals or mechanical factors such as hail and wind are also included.

Abiotic stress occurs when environmental conditions are not conducive to growing and maintaining a healthy plant. This can be too high or low temperatures or humidity, but also too much water or drought. Abiotic factors negative to a plant can damage a plant suddenly, such as through injury, or slowly, such as through environmental disease.

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