What are foliar fertilizers? Benefits and proper use

Was sind Blattdünger? Vorteile und richtige Anwendung - FARBIO® - Nachhaltige Bio-Flüssigdünger aus Hamburg

Foliar fertilization is a quick and easy form of liquid fertilization and is a supplement to the nutrient supply of plants via the roots. Our FARBIO® foliar fertilizers are simply mixed with water in a spray bottle and then sprayed onto the entire leaf surface. They provide the plants with targeted nutrients that they can immediately absorb and utilize through the leaves.

Advantages of foliar fertilizers

Nutrients absorbed through the leaves are immediately where they are needed and therefore have an effect much more quickly. Foliar fertilization is also more efficient, since there is no detour via the soil and therefore no nutrients are lost through leaching.

Sometimes the uptake of nutrients via the roots can be disturbed, for example due to a poorly developed root system, an unfavorable pH value in the soil or root rot. In this case, foliar fertilization offers a way of continuing to nourish plants.

How do plants absorb nutrients through the leaves?

There are several ways in which nutrients can be absorbed and utilized by a plant's leaves. The stomata on the underside of the leaf, also called stomata, are important intake pathways for foliar fertilizers. They open when there is light because they have an important function in the photosynthesis process: they let air with carbon dioxide, oxygen and water vapor through, in both directions . The stomata are also responsible for the transpiration of water, which is why they also open when the plant has a lot of water available.

The cuticle is a waterproof layer that lies on top of the epidermis and encloses the top and bottom of the leaves. Although the cuticle has water-repellent properties due to the waxes it contains, it can temporarily absorb water. The state of permeability of the wax layer is also referred to as "swelling". If the plant is sprayed with water and the foliar fertilizer it contains, the cuticle swells and the nutrients can be temporarily absorbed quickly. They penetrate the wall of the underlying epidermal cells, where they can then be used for metabolism.

Which way the plant ultimately uses to absorb the nutrients from foliar fertilizers depends primarily on the type of plant, the thickness of the wax layer that goes with it, the light conditions and the humidity. For this reason, when applying a foliar fertilizer, generously spraying the entire leaf surface is important!

FARBIO foliar fertilizer

The FARBIO® organic micro-complex is a top-class vegan foliar fertilizer. The innovative nanoparticle technology enables quick absorption of complex micronutrients and strengthens the self-protection mechanism of your plants.

The FARBIO® Nitrogen Bio-Boost supports your plants with nitrogen, which is not only essential for healthy growth, but also lets your plants shine with intense green leaves!

Both products can also be added to the irrigation water if you want to water your plants.