The secret of beautiful large leaves

Das Geheimnis schöner großer Blätter - FARBIO® - Nachhaltige Bio-Flüssigdünger aus Hamburg

Not only flowering plants need our attention, leafy plants also want to be cared for. Leafy plants in particular should delight us with beautiful, shiny and healthy leaves. Therefore, they also need to be maintained.

Proper leaf care

Proper leaf care starts with regularly removing dust from your plants. Either wipe them with a soft duster or with a damp, soft cloth. Large-leaved houseplants in particular should be dusted every few weeks. You can also place the plants in the shower or bathtub and rinse carefully with lukewarm water. It is important to ensure that the pot ball of the plant does not become too wet. To prevent this, you should cover the pot with a plastic bag. Be careful with houseplants with hairy or soft leaves: they don't like moisture and can rot.

Woman with houseplants

Humidity plays an important role

To prevent the leaves from drying out and turning brown, you should spray them regularly with water. We recommend our FARBIO® glass spray bottle for this. It should be noted that you should only treat the leaves with low-lime water, otherwise lime stains will remain on the leaves.

Helpful remedies for shiny leaves

There is also the option of using leaf shine sprays. However, these often contain a lot of chemicals and in the event of an overdose, discoloration and spotting on the leaves quickly occur. That's why it's better to use natural remedies. An old home remedy for a beautiful leaf shine, especially on large-leaved plants, is to rub the leaves with the inside of a banana peel. This removes the dust and creates a kind of seal that protects the plant from dust for a certain period of time.

The right basic care makes all the difference

The most important point, of course, is that the location requirements must all be right. A plant in poor conditions cannot develop its full potential. You should therefore fertilize your plants regularly to guarantee a long-term, consistent supply of nutrients. It's best to use an organic fertilizer and not chemicals. Our FARBIO® organic fertilizer for green plants supports the development of lush green leaves. The lighting conditions should also meet the needs of your plants. For example, the Monstera only develops the classic large slotted leaves in good lighting conditions. In a dark location the other conditions can be perfect, but without light the leaves remain small and only have few, if any, slits. In addition, a healthy plant is not easily attacked by pests or fungi that can damage the leaves. If this should happen, you will find a number of tips in our magazine that will quickly help.