The coolest plant cafes

Die coolsten Pflanzen Cafés - FARBIO® - Nachhaltige Bio-Flüssigdünger aus Hamburg

Cafés are opening in many cities and, in addition to coffee and cake, they also have green plants and succulents on their menu. We think this unique idea for every green thumb is great and we would like to introduce you to our favorites that are definitely worth a visit.

Coffee + Plant: In Berlin

Pomeranze Café & balcony supplies

In addition to delicious cakes, coffee and lunch, this cute café in Neukölln also has a great selection of balcony supplies! Lots of green plants create a great ambience. On the shelves of the coffee bar you will find useful, beautiful and sustainable things for urban gardening. So take a look, enjoy and go home with inspiration and plant supplies!

The Greens

The Greens adapt their offerings to seasonal needs. A garden restaurant in an urban atmosphere is offered from April to September. Mainly regional products with ecological origins as well as specialty coffee from Berlin roasters are available here. The selected green house plants, which they also sell, offer a special flair.

Houseplants Cafes : In Hamburg

Plant Kafka

Here you can comfortably drink coffee alongside individual flower and plant designs. It is also the right address for events and office plants. You can also book this colorful location for events!

HYGGE the Farm

A real greenhouse where you can enjoy coffee and other delicacies such as salads, bowls and sandwiches! The vegetable and herb farm even has its own farm shop with selected products. In spring you can also buy young plants there!

Cafes Germany-wide & internationally

Europe is known for its vibrant coffeehouse culture and its growing passion for nature and all things green. A wonderful combination of both are establishments that sell plants and at the same time offer a cozy atmosphere for enjoying hot drinks and food such as bowls, homemade granola or French toast. Here are some of the best coffee bars in Germany and Europe.

Roots plant café in Leipzig

This café offers delicious creations and an urban jungle feeling all in one. There are also enough accessories for all plant lovers: great pots and decorations. There are also one or two suitable tips for you and your green roommate!

Coffee and Plants in Zurich

A modern café bar with a wide selection of potted plants like Monstera for your home! In addition to coffee specialties, there are also cool drinks such as wine and beer. Plants and drinks are also available to take away.

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