These 5 plants are easy-care eye-catchers

Diese 5 Pflanzen sind pflegeleichte Hingucker - FARBIO® - Nachhaltige Bio-Flüssigdünger aus Hamburg

Have you ever fallen in love with a plant at the garden center only to find out at home that it's a real diva? Don't let that discourage you, fortunately there are some plants that are real eye-catchers without any drama. You can find five of them in this article:

1. Efeutute

Ivy are the perfect plants for anyone who wants to make a big impact with little effort. They come in different patterns from deep green to almost completely white. In addition, they are cheap to buy and you can easily grow offshoots. So it's no wonder that they are among the most popular indoor plants!

Since ivy is a climbing plant, you can display it in a variety of ways. Tied up on a plant stake, you quickly have a lush potted plant for any location that is at least partially shaded. You can also just let the leaves hang from a shelf or attach the tendrils to the wall with plant clips. Since it grows quickly, you don't have to wait long for a nice green wall. As a tropical plant, it also feels very comfortable in the bathroom.

Incidentally, the ivy will forgive you if you forget it for a few days - it also gets along well with little water.


2. Rubber tree

The rubber tree has made a real comeback in recent years - from grandma's living room straight into the aesthetic jungle. And rightly so! Rubber trees are now everywhere in rich green or white-green. Its glossy and sturdy leaves make it stand out prominently among other plants.

It is content with a semi-shady place and less is more when watering. You should avoid waterlogging.

rubber tree

3. Monstera

Yes, you read that right! These absolute trend plants are not as demanding as you might think. They originally come from the tropics and are therefore adapted to different light conditions. Basically, however, they should be in a bright location and not in a dark corner of the room. The Monstera is also easy to care for when watering, because it prefers to be watered less than too much. So if you thought Monsteras were only for professionals and therefore only admired them on social media: Here's your sign that they also fit into your home!


4. Pancake Plant

Unfortunately, the pancake plant does not serve you breakfast - it owes its name to the conspicuous circular leaves! Sometimes it is also referred to as lucky thaler or Chinese money plant. She prefers not to be in direct sunlight and only needs watering about once a week. She thanks you with small offshoots that sprout in the pot without your intervention. You can simply pull the offshoots out of the ground and replant them directly or give them away to your friends!

pancake plant

5. Peace Lily

The peace lily impresses with its white flowers with a noble appearance. Are you watering too much or too little? The peace lily doesn't really care, as long as it doesn't get waterlogged. Although it flowers particularly beautifully in a light location, it is undemanding and also thrives in darker locations.

peace lily

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