Discover local plant shops in Hamburg

Entdecke lokale Pflanzenshops in Hamburg - FARBIO® - Nachhaltige Bio-Flüssigdünger aus Hamburg

Are you from Hamburg and are you looking for a plant shop? We would like to introduce you to our favorites, which are always worth a visit:

Prana Station

The Prana Station is a new concept store that opened in the old gas station in front of the Grindelhäuser. Their motto is Refuel your Spirit and according to this you will find house plants, crystals, jewelry, journals, incense and everything else you need to “beautify your home and support your soul”.

A visit to the light-flooded shop is always worth it. The employees are always at your side with their advice. The online store is currently being created.

Instagram: prana_station

Kleine Wildnis

A plant jungle in the big city? Sure, just visit the Little Wilderness. Are you looking for that certain something for your apartment? In this plant shop you will find everything you need to beautify your rooms with dried flower arrangements, decorative vases and special pots for your houseplants. Many beautiful succulents are also available!

Instagram: kleinewildnis

Kögel Pflanzen

Kögel Plants is a Hamburg veteran on Schanzenstrasse. Here you can not only have beautiful bouquets of flowers made, but also get comprehensive advice. No matter whether it's a living room, home office or office - Kögel Plants offers the right green decoration for every taste and gives you comprehensive advice. They even offer delivery. If you prefer something a little more Mediterranean, there are also terracotta pots - which you don't even have to lug home as they also deliver!

Pflanzen im Glas

This plant shop offers beautiful small-scale gardens. A bottle garden is a tiny, intact ecosystem that basically doesn't require much care. In the store you will find a comprehensive selection of ready-made bottle gardens, DIY sets, mini plants, houseplants, accessories and pots.

Instagram: pflanzenimglas

Are you looking for sustainable plant care? Our FARBIO® organic fertilizer for green plants supports you in caring for your houseplants!

You can find a lot of information about houseplants in our Plants A-Z .