Organic liquid fertilizer from FARBIO®: Advantage and function of basic supply and high performance

Bio-Flüssigdünger von FARBIO®: Vorteil und Funktion von Basis-Versorgung und High-Performance - FARBIO® - Nachhaltige Bio-Flüssigdünger aus Hamburg

With our FARBIO® products, we have created organically certified organic liquid fertilizers that do not harm the environment during production or use. All of our products come in a sustainable glass container and you will definitely not find any environmentally harmful chemicals with us.

Our motto is clear: Grow Your Jungle! We are a team of plant lovers based in Hamburg and sustainability is important to us - in every area. Professionalism and passion are combined in our brand and so we not only offer you products, but also contacts for questions about plant care and a magazine with trendy topics about houseplants ! We want to make fertilizing as easy as possible for you and prevent a nutrient deficiency from occurring in the first place.

What makes FARBIO® products unique for houseplants?

The entire FARBIO® range bears the “ECOCERT” organic seal. This means: All products are free from genetic engineering, radiation, synthetic pesticides and do not contain any chemicals that are harmful to the environment. Our production of liquid fertilizers protects people, animals and the environment. The extraction of our raw materials for fertilizers does not pollute the environment and all processes along our value chain are socially acceptable. No one had to suffer to develop our FARBIO® products because we do not test them on animals. At most, our biotechnologists have sometimes reached their limits during development.

We avoid any type of plastic in all packaging and instead use environmentally friendly materials. All of our containers for fertilizer etc. are made of sustainable brown glass. Only paper labels are used for FARBIO® labels. In order to keep the transport routes and thus the CO2 footprint of our products as small as possible, we rely on value chains within Europe. The high concentration of our liquid fertilizers means we can use smaller bottles, which means we save on waste. Dosing is very easy using the fertilizer pipettes. But what products are there exactly?

FARBIO fertilizer

FARBIO® basic supply: Function and advantage of our NPK fertilizers

The basis of successful plant care is the supply of all the main nutrients. These include nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. You can find these in all of the FARBIO® basic care products. These are vegan NPK fertilizers for different areas of application. All of our FARBIO complete nutrient fertilizers are simply added to irrigation water and develop their effect in the soil. Liquid fertilizers provide your plants with all the nutrients they need quickly and effectively, because in liquid form they go directly to the roots where they can be absorbed. Nutrients are not only important for healthy plant growth, but also strengthen your plants and their resilience in the long term. Root development is intensified, leaf development is strengthened and yields are qualitatively and quantitatively increased elevated .

Application of liquid fertilizer explained simply

Using our FARBIO® organic fertilizer for green plants will help you care for your houseplants! By supplying the most important nutrients, rapid growth is promoted and the development of lush green leaves and magnificent flowers is supported.

Our FARBIO® organic fertilizer for herbal plants offers a complex of active ingredients for an adequate supply of all necessary nutrients. It promotes the health and rapid growth of your herbs. In addition, the leaves turn green elevated , which makes the leaves stronger in taste and appearance!

The FARBIO® organic fertilizer for vegetable plants efficiently supplies them with all important nutrients and is effective through rapid growth and intensive fruit and flower formation. Our active ingredient helps your vegetables develop and ensures an intense taste.

Our FARBIO® organic fertilizer for fruit plants supports them with the most important nutrients and thus ensures healthy plant growth and intensive fruit and flower formation. Regular use improves the production of sweeter fruits and increases resistance. It also improves pollen fertility, which will give you more fruit.

FARBIO organic microcomplex

The FARBIO® special fertilizers for your plants

You simply mix our FARBIO® leaf fertilizers with water in a spray bottle and then spray them directly over the leaves of your plant. The advantage: No nutrients are lost in the soil because they are absorbed through the leaves. FARBIO® products leave no residue on leaves or fruits, so the products are no problem for fertilizing edible plants. If you don't feel like spraying, you can also add our foliar fertilizers to the irrigation water.

The FARBIO® Nitrogen Bio-Boost supports your plants with nitrogen, which is not only essential for healthy plant growth, but also makes your plants shine with intense leaf green! Promoting the mobility of nutrients within your plants ensures optimal supply and increases the resilience of your plants. You don't have to worry about nitrogen oversaturation. This special fertilizer is the only non-vegan active ingredient.

The FARBIO® organic microcomplex is a vegan foliar fertilizer in a class of its own. Our nanoparticle technology enables rapid absorption of complex micronutrients and strengthens your plants' self-protection mechanism. This reduces the impact of harmful pest and disease infestations. This makes it particularly worthwhile to use on diseased and sensitive plants.

FARBIO spray bottle

FARBIO® accessories: spray bottles

Our glass spray bottles are perfect for regularly spraying your plants with water, fertilizer or other care products. The bottles are made from recycled brown glass and have a trendy design. Interested in personalization? Then the “PLANT MOM” model is certainly right for you! To do this, write the name on the line provided using a white, waterproof pen! The possibility of personalization makes the glass bottle a wonderful gift for anyone with a green thumb - or for anyone who wants to get one.

The capacity is 250 ml. There is a 125 ml mark on the side so you can easily calculate the requirement. Spraying your houseplants regularly should be an important part of your foliar care. Tropical plants such as Monstera, Philodendron or ferns in particular need sufficient humidity, otherwise they will form brown spots or die.

Differences between liquid fertilizers at a glance

The FARBIO® basic care specializes in the healthy growth of your plants. No matter whether green, herb, fruit or vegetable plants: these vegan NPK liquid fertilizers support them with all the important nutrients.

You can also use our FARBIO® special fertilizers for all of these types of plants. What's special: it's a foliar fertilizer! With the extra boost of nitrogen, the FARBIO® Nitrogen Bio-Boost not only ensures steady growth of leaves and roots, but also a better appearance in the form of rich green colors. Our FARBIO® organic microcomplex focuses on the natural protection of your plants. Essential trace elements ensure that plants become more vital and resistant!

In our ever-growing product portfolio you will find many different liquid fertilizers with high-quality ingredients. If you are unsure which one is right for your plant's needs, just contact us! We are happy to help you and your green favorites to counteract the development of deficiency symptoms.

Our most important tips for plant care can be found in this video!