Plant showcase: The greenhouse for your plants

Pflanzenvitrine: Das Greenhouse für Deine Pflanzen - FARBIO® - Nachhaltige Bio-Flüssigdünger aus Hamburg

A mini greenhouse offers plant lovers the opportunity to display their plants in a controlled environment. With the growing trend of bringing greenery indoors, a display case is the perfect solution for anyone wanting to keep their beloved tropical greenery alive and blooming. There are many options for creating a personal green oasis at home: buy display cases online, convert IKEA cabinets or buy professional indoor greenhouses. Whether you are just starting out with houseplants or are a seasoned pro.

Reasons for a greenhouse in the living room

A display case for plants allows to create optimal conditions and thus positively influence the health of plants and ensure them indoors all year round. In a closed room you can keep the humidity particularly high and ensure excellent plant growth even in winter by lighting with enough light. In showcases it is also easier to control the temperature, to fight pests if necessary or to put the green darlings in the limelight.

Ideal conditions for houseplant growth

The perfect conditions for growing houseplants vary by plant species, but there are some general rules that all plant lovers should follow. First and foremost, the environment should not be too cold. It is also important to ensure that the humidity is suitable for the respective plant species. Tropical plants often require higher temperatures and higher humidity than other plant species. Most plants prefer bright, indirect light, but some need less or even more light. Our tip: Plants often show when they are not doing well and their location is not suitable. Among other things, they stop growing, show deficiency symptoms in the form of discolored leaves or hang limp. Indoor plants can only thrive if the right conditions are met!

Which plants need a display case?

A showcase in the apartment can theoretically be used for any plant, because it does not harm. For some green plants, however, the purchase is more worthwhile because some genera benefit more than others. The easy-care bow hemp, the ivy and cacti tend to take up space in the display case, they also grow without controlled heat and Co. A high level of humidity and sufficient light are particularly important for Philodendron, Alocasia, Calathea, Anthurium and Dieffenbachia. A small greenhouse for your home is particularly worthwhile for precious rarities, because this way you can better monitor the health of your expensive darlings. If you have a large collection, then plant showcases offer space and an overview! Even small cuttings simply grow better when the environment is regulated. Do the tips of the leaves always turn brown? Then there is a high probability that the air is too dry. Plant showcases can help here.

plant light

The right plant lamps

Sunlight is for photosynthesis and thus is necessary for the survival of plants. From the full light spectrum, they mainly use the red and blue light spectrum. The red light spectrum is particularly needed for the development of flowers and fruit, while the blue spectrum is responsible for the general growth of the plants. Since there is not enough light for many tropical plant species in the cold season, an artificial light source should be switched on for 8-12 hours during the day. Lamps that have cold white light from 4,000 Kelvin and at least 20 watts as well as special grow lights are suitable for this. The plant light must be installed above with enough distance so that leaves do not burn. The further away the lamp is, the less light it gets. The more lumens the light source has, the further away the houseplant can be from the lamp.

Humidifier for optimal humidity

Most popular houseplants are used to a warm and nicely humid climate, with around 50-60% humidity. It is best if you spray the leaves regularly to ensure high humidity. Our glass spray bottles are perfect for regularly spraying your plants with water, fertilizer or other care products. If you have a display case, it makes sense to buy an air humidifier. Sufficient humidity ensures healthy leaf luster and makes indoor plants less susceptible to pests and plant diseases. A hygrometer shows you the ambient temperature and humidity and is therefore very important in a showcase to create the perfect conditions! A display case without a humidifier also makes sense if it is completely sealed. If no air can escape, then there is also high humidity behind the closed doors, as plants produce it themselves! A humidifier is therefore rather optional.

plant showcase

Build your own plant display case

On Amazon there is a selection of showcases made of wood, metal and glass. Furthermore, there are various manufacturers in the cannabis sector who sell ready-made plant cabinets with accessories, for example you can order from Secret Jardin. Minimal terrariums for green plants and Co. are also available online. IKEA has also launched a new and affordable mini greenhouse called ÅKERBÄR. A cheap option for all plant lovers can be to use a regular glass display case and not add any accessories. Because if this is in a light-flooded place, no lights are required. However, the doors should then be opened often so that the air can circulate. There are no limits to your creativity even when you build it yourself. You can best convert an IKEA cupboard, the Milsbo showcase is e.g. B. a good choice. This is priced at 200 euros. Here are step-by-step instructions on how to equip them.

  • Plant lights with a timer or smart socket strip, so that the lamps switch off automatically after 8-12 hours, are a must, especially in winter.
  • Hooks and tape to fix them on the different floors.
  • Either you keep glass shelves as a facility, but then you need a fan on each floor, or you use a wire shelf and at least one fan.
  • You should also insulate the doors with foam so that the humidity remains constant.
  • Our tip: Check ebay classifieds to see if someone has already converted a display case and wants to get rid of it.

Avoid diseases and pests in the plant display case

With our FARBIO® organic micro-complex special fertilizer, the focus is on the natural protection of your plants. By supplying them with essential trace elements, you ensure that they become more vital and resistant! Especially in indoor greenhouses you have to pay attention to the health of your green darlings, as diseases and pests spread faster.