Presented: Monstera Thai in portrait

Vorgestellt: Monstera Thai im Portrait - FARBIO® - Nachhaltige Bio-Flüssigdünger aus Hamburg

What is the Monstera Thai?

The Monstera Thai is actually called Monstera deliciosa “Thai Constellation”. It is a variant of the common Monstera deliciosa, but has a very special coloring of the leaves. Its leaves are “variegated,” which means that the plant’s leaves are speckled with a fine cream color.

Where does Monstera Thai come from?

The Monstera Thai has its origins in a Thai laboratory. There it was bred as a mutation of Monstera deliciosa as demand for variegated plants increased on the market. The name "Thai Constellation" comes from the Thai starry sky because the leaves look very similar to it due to their variegation.

What is the difference from Monstera deliciosa variegata?

Variegata is caused by a genetic defect. Therefore the variegation is not very uniform and the plant can only be propagated by cuttings, not seeds. The Thai Constellation was bred in the laboratory and is a mutated species. That is why its variegation remains more uniform and propagation via seeds is possible.

Can you compare the Monstera Thai with the original form?

The two plants are very similar in terms of care. However, you have to know that the Thai version grows slower due to the white spots on its leaves! Why? The cream-colored speckles on the leaves do not contain any chlorophyll, so they are photosynthetically inactive, so the white areas do not produce any energy, but they do consume some. The green parts of the plant have to compensate for this deficit, which is why there is less energy left for the plant to grow.

Why is the Monstera Thai so expensive?

It takes a lot of effort to grow such beautiful and evenly speckled leaves. The more regular and “typical” the characteristic pattern of the leaves, the more expensive the plant is. These plants that meet this ideal are rare but sought after, which causes prices to rise.

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