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The raspberry ( Rubus idaeus )  is actually an aggregate drupe and belongs to the rose family ( Rosaceae ) . The false shrub, which originates from Europe and Asia, can grow up to 2.5 meters high and therefore needs a climbing aid in the bed or pot. Raspberries need a sunny spot and grow best in rows . A distinction is made between the summer raspberry, which bears fruit in the second year in summer, the autumn raspberry, which bears fruit in the first fall, and the so-called two - timer raspberry , which can be harvested once in summer and once in autumn of the same year. After harvesting, the shrub should be cut back . Depending on the variety, raspberry bushes can be planted almost all year round , but between June and September is the preferred time to prevent root rot. However, if you plant an autumn variety in spring, you can already eat raspberries in the first year. The plant blooms from May with small white flowers, from which the pink or yellow fruits then develop.  

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