Kartoffeln - FARBIO® - Nachhaltige Bio-Flüssigdünger aus Hamburg

The potato ( Solanum tuberosum ), a member of the nightshade family ( Solanaceae ) , originated in South America but is now found worldwide. In Germany , 210 potato varieties are approved, but there are thousands . Potatoes are planted from April to May , whereby it makes sense to pre-germinate the potatoes six weeks before planting for a good yield. To do this, the potatoes are stored in a dark and cool place until light germs develop . Potatoes need a sheltered and sunny location and plenty of water, but must be protected from waterlogging. Cultivation in a large pot is also possible. Regular fertilizing is then even more important, because potatoes need a lot of nutrients for tuber formation. One plant yields around 10 to 15 tubers. Varieties are classified according to harvest time and cooking properties. There are early , mid-early and late potatoes , but also waxy, predominantly waxy and mealy potatoes . Early potatoes are harvested from July , mid-early potatoes from August and late potatoes from September . The bulbs of the plant can vary in size and color, such as purple and pink , depending on the variety .  

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