basket marante

Korbmarante - FARBIO® - Nachhaltige Bio-Flüssigdünger aus Hamburg

Coriander belongs to the arrowroot family (Maranthaceae) and has its origins in the tropics. There are around 270 different species, most of which have dark red backs of leaves. The round-leaved osiera (Calathea orbifolia) has large round leaves with light stripes. The peacock marante (Calathea makoyana) has white patterns on the front of the leaf. Lance-leaved osiera (Calathea lancifolia) has light green oblong leaves with dark green spots along the leaf scar. The Colombian basket marante (Calathea ornata) has light to pink pinstripes. All types of wicker are non-toxic to humans and pets. Basket marants remain relatively small at 30 to 100cm. It needs a lot of water, but is sensitive to lime. Temperatures above 15 degrees are necessary, the location may be partially shaded. The leaves of the plant curl up with the help of joints between the stem and the leaf in the evening and during illness.

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