Stachelbeeren - FARBIO® - Nachhaltige Bio-Flüssigdünger aus Hamburg

The gooseberry (Ribes uva-crispa )  is part of the gooseberry family ( Grossulariaceae ) and can be cultivated in the garden as well as in the tub as a balcony plant. The plant, which originates from Europe, Asia and North Africa, requires nutrient- rich soil , a sunny to partially shaded location and has a high water requirement . The shrub is best planted in autumn, then it can anchor itself well in the ground over the winter and bear the first berries as early as next year. The gooseberry is hardy and can overwinter outside without shelter. The plant flowers from April . The gooseberry bush is about 1.5 meters high , the berries are green or red depending on the variety and degree of ripeness. The longer you leave the berries on the bush, the sweeter they become. It can be harvested from late May to August . After about 5 years, the plant no longer produces berries.  

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