About us

FARBIO® stands for natural and responsible plant care at the highest level. We think sustainably from development and production to delivery, do not test on animals, use 100% organic ingredients and reduce plastic to a minimum.

At FARBIO® we show you that fertilizing can be simple, sustainable and effective.

Just like us humans, plants need a regular supply of valuable nutrients to maintain their functionality. If your plant is optimally supplied, it will grow continuously and develop new large leaves and roots. With our product portfolio, we offer sustainable solutions for the growth, protection and health of your plant.

The FARBIO® organic liquid fertilizers are specially designed for use at home to supply your houseplants with all the important nutrients. A few drops of our plant elixirs are enough to get the best out of your plant.

Quality through our own development and production

Our team has more than 30 years of experience in the development and production of organic plant fertilizers. Due to our own production, we control all process steps and can thus guarantee the highest quality in production and further processing. All FARBIO® liquid fertilizers are ECOCERT certified. Innovative technologies and ingredients ensure optimal results for your plants.