Use cases - Plant problems and plant growth | FARBIO®

Plant should grow faster

For healthy growth, it is important that the conditions are ideal for the plant, and optimal nutrient supply is often only achieved with fertilization. The FARBIO® liquid fertilizers offer a basic supply of the essential main nutrients nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. But our FARBIO® special fertilizers also ensure sufficient availability of all other nutrients, since the lack of these substances would otherwise limit the growth of your plant. If the upper parts of the plant should grow, the roots also need enough space in the pot. Some plants need a climbing aid to grow quickly.

Plant should form large leaves

The size of leaves often depends on the genus and only under optimal conditions will a plant develop large leaves. Nutrients are required for large leaves. These can be found in an optimal composition in FARBIO® products. In order to form large leaves, the plant needs a stable stand and enough space for the leaves, which is why a climbing plant needs a climbing aid. Pruning back leaves can allow the rest to grow more since they now have more light and nutrients available.

Plant parts should taste good

The optimal supply of nutrients supports the plants in the production of tasty fruits. The FARBIO® liquid fertilizers for fruit, herb and vegetable plants are particularly suitable for fertilization, as no product residues remain on the fruit and they can therefore be enjoyed without hesitation. Vegetables, fruit or herbs should always be harvested in good time for an intense taste and should not be overripe. Organic varieties often have a more aromatic taste because they are not genetically modified.

Prevent spots on leaves

Diseases and sometimes pests often show up in the form of leaf spots. In order to avoid these, it is therefore important to protect the plant from infestation. The FARBIO® organic microcomplex supports the rapid absorption of complex micronutrients and thus strengthens the self-protection mechanism of the plant by making it more vital. Heating the soil substrate before use can help keep pests out, as can quarantine new plants. Fungi, viruses, and bacteria enter through openings in the leaf membranes, causing discoloration. Watering the leaves from above should be avoided to reduce the spread of disease. A distance to other plants is also important.

Plant should not get yellow leaves

To prevent yellow leaves, it is important not to water too much or too little. If the plant lacks water, it sheds leaves, which turn yellow beforehand. If there is waterlogging, i.e. too much water, the roots rot and cannot supply the leaves with sufficient nutrients. Yellow leaves are often a sign of a lack of light and nutrients, which is why regular fertilizing and a window location prevent yellow leaves. Our FARBIO® organic nitrogen boost supports and strengthens your plants with important nutrients, which are essential for intensive leaf green.

Plant should recover after frost & hail

The best protection against extreme weather conditions is, for example, hail nets, fleece or wintering indoors. If the plant should be surprised by a hailstorm, the damaged parts of the plant should be removed. Since it has suffered from the burden of the hailstones, it may need a climbing aid to give it stability again. If frost damage occurs, wait for the plant to recover and then remove the dead parts of the plant. Plants in pots should be brought in immediately and allowed to overwinter indoors in a cooler location. The potassium in our FARBIO® NPK fertilizers acts as a natural antifreeze and helps your plant survive freezing temperatures!

Roots should be strengthened

Only a healthy plant can develop healthy roots. A suitable soil substrate is essential, as is an adequate supply of nutrients. If you are fighting against waterlogging, which damages your roots, we recommend our FARBIO® foliar fertilizers , which can supply your plants with nutrients without having to water the soil substrate.

Plant should develop beautifully with many flowers

A sufficient supply of all necessary nutrients is necessary for flowering, because a plant only flowers under optimal conditions. FARBIO® organic fertilizer for fruit plants supports your plant with essential high-quality nutrients, which are required for healthy plant growth and intensive fruit and flower formation. Old flowers should be cut back to allow new ones to form. You can support the formation of flowers by defoliating the plant, i.e. cutting off some leaves. This gives the plant more energy to develop the flower.

Plant should form intense green leaves

The green color of a plant is caused by the pigment chlorophyll. This pigment is found in the chloroplasts, i.e. in the leaf cells in which photosynthesis takes place under the influence of the sun. Plants that are in direct sun usually have fewer chloroplasts than those in the shade and do not appear as intensely green. If you want to intensify the leaf color, you should place the plant in a more shady location. However, plants with variegated leaves lose this variegation and become greener. The FARBIO® organic fertilizer for houseplants supports the care of your green roommates and ensures the development of lush green leaves.

Plant should develop large fruits

In order for plants to bear larger fruit, they need a good supply of nutrients and a suitable location. In order to give the plant sufficient strength for the development of fruit, sufficient potassium must be introduced into the soil with the help of our FARBIO® vegetable or fruit fertilizer, especially in the fruiting phase. The fruits get even bigger if you remove fruits that are too small and the plant can use more energy for the development of fewer but larger fruits.

Plant should not get any pests

In order to better protect the plant from pests and to make it more resistant to them, the plant needs good site conditions. The FARBIO® organic microcomplex supports the plant's resilience and thus reduces the effects of severe pest and disease infestations. It is important to avoid waterlogging and always let the potting soil dry before watering it again. A good way to prevent pests is to place the plant in the shower and rinse off as soon as the soil has dried. This flushes pests off the leaves and the soil can soak up water. If an infestation is already present, yellow stickers stuck into the ground and matches stuck upside down in the ground will help.

Plant should not get fungus

A fungal attack occurs when the plant does not have an optimal location and is watered too much. If you water the plant too much and too often waterlogging will occur. In the permanently moist soil, different types of fungi quickly form, which damage the plant. A white layer of mold forms on the soil or the roots begin to rot. You should act quickly here. The plant needs to be repotted and all rotten roots removed. As a preventive measure, you can add cinnamon to the soil. This acts against fungi and supports the plant in the healing process. Our FARBIO® special fertilizers can be sprayed directly onto the leaves of the plant and thus counteract permanently moist soil and the associated fungi.

Plant should get shiny leaves

It's normal for plants to get a little dusty over time. Plants with large leaves can simply be wiped off with a damp cloth and plants with smaller leaves can be placed in the shower and given a quick shower. This not only washes away the dust, but also protects the plants from pests. Another reason why the leaves are not shiny and look sallow can be that the humidity is too low. Regular spraying of the leaves with a spray bottle helps. In addition, the plant always needs a sufficient supply of nutrients in order to develop a healthy appearance. We offer you the FARBIO® spray bottle made of glass to match our FARBIO® liquid fertilizers to care for your green roommates and to provide them with a high level of humidity.

Leaf burns are said to heal faster

Especially in summer, it can happen quickly that a plant has received too much sun and then has burnt leaves. Move the affected plant to a more shady spot so that it is no longer exposed to direct sunlight. Remove too badly burnt leaves. In addition, the plant should be watered well and ideally fertilized. The nutrients give it strength and speed up the healing process. The FARBIO® organic microcomplex is a premium fertilizer with nanoparticles, which supports your plant in wound healing on all parts of the plant.

Plant should develop a stable stem

In order for a plant to get a more stable stem, an adequate supply of nutrients must first be guaranteed. The FARBIO® basic supply specializes in the healthy growth of your plants. No matter whether green, herb, fruit or vegetable plants. The right location and lighting conditions are very important. Plants that are shaded will develop a fast-growing thin stem to get closer to a light source. These plants are not stable and tend to break off. To avoid this, the plants should always be in a bright place.

Leaves should not get brown tips

Brown tips can have different causes. It can be a sign of improper watering. Too much or too little is given. Or a nutrient deficiency can be the reason. The plant should only be watered when the soil has dried on the surface. However, the root ball should never dry out. Regular fertilization can counteract the lack of nutrients. One reason for brown tips, especially in winter, is that the air humidity is too low and regular spraying increases it again. We offer you the FARBIO® glass spray bottle to go with our liquid fertilizers to care for your green roommates. Particularly suitable for using the FARBIO® organic nitrogen boost or FARBIO® organic microcomplex as foliar fertilizer. Simply dilute with water directly in the spray bottle.