FARBIO® organic liquid fertilizer for vegetable plants

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Size: 250ml

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✓ Basic supply for your plants: NPK organic liquid fertilizer<br>
✓ Add to the irrigation water<br>
✓ All year round use &amp; suitable for all vegetable plants<br>
✓ Vegan, 100% organic, ECOCERT certified

Product description

Why FARBIO® liquid fertilizer?

✓ Specially developed for indoor plants and easy use at home.
✓ Dosing by pipette. No mess or sticky hands.
✓ Organic and vegan ingredients. Certified by ECOCERT.
✓ Development team with 30+ years of experience and own production.
✓ Very high effectiveness due to important micro and macro nutrients.
✓ Sustainable amber glass packaging.
✓ Human, animal and bee friendly liquid fertilizer. Not tested on animals!

With every purchase from FARBIO®, there is more flowering space for bees and other equally important insects in the Lüneburg Heath! 🌻🐝

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