5 apps for plant care

5 Apps für Pflanzenpflege - FARBIO® - Nachhaltige Bio-Flüssigdünger aus Hamburg

No matter whether you have a green thumb or whether plants aren't for you because just one cactus will bless you? In the seemingly endless world of apps, there is the right solution for you. We introduce you to the five best apps for plant care in this article:

Picture this

The Picture this app is an online plant encyclopedia and can identify your plant species from a photo. If your plant has a spot that doesn't look entirely healthy, the app can tell you what the problem might be and how you can fix it. On this basis, Picture this will create a detailed care plan for your plant(s). Goodbye brown thumb. You can test the app for free for one week. Afterwards, in-app purchases must be made.

Picture This is available for Android and Apple.

Florish – Plant Care Companion

Above all, the Florish app helps you to ensure that your plants don’t die. It reminds you to water your plants, provides you with helpful care tips and instructions, and you can follow the latest plant trends in the feed. If your plant is not yet in the database, you can write to the app developers and they will make sure that this plant appears there too.

Florish - Plant Care Companion is only available for Apple.

Vera – for advanced users

If you already know a little about plants, the “Vera” app is the perfect companion for you. Actually, it doesn't help you with care, but is a kind of diary for your plants. You can create schedules, set watering reminders, and more. If you don't know what to do next, the preset library will help you with everything you can learn!

Vera: Plant Care Made Simple is available for Apple and Android.

Planta – always works!

Planta offers you an “all-around” care plan for plants. Here you will find a lot of what you need. Suggestions that suit your skill level, watering reminders and much more. The step-by-step instructions will help you take better care of your plants. The app also shows you how much light or moisture your plants can tolerate. Like many of the other apps, Planta also has a large database for all kinds of plants. Similar to the Vera app, you can record the progress of your plants in a journal.

Planta - your plant expert is available for Apple and Android.

For those hungry for knowledge: Blossom

If you can't get enough of plants, then Blossom is the app for you. Here you will find an impressive amount of information about plants with a huge gallery that is sure to inspire you. The app can also recognize plants and identify plant diseases. Blossom also offers the popular watering reminder tool. A light meter shows you the best location for your plant. Of course, you can document the progress of your plants in a journal again. Blossom, my personal tip and a must-have for plant moms.

Blossom - Identify plants is available for Android and Apple.

Our tip for easily fertilizing your plants

Create a fertilization plan in your calendar, in a notebook or in your new plant app: Simply write down the names of your plants and the corresponding fertilization times. As a rule, houseplants should be fertilized twice a month from March to October and once from November to February, unless you use a plant light. Then you have to apply enough fertilizer all year round!

The right care for your houseplants is the FARBIO® organic fertilizer for green plants . It supports and strengthens your plant with important nutrients, which are essential for intensive leaf green and healthy growth of all parts of the plant. If you want to make it even easier for yourself, we recommend our foliar fertilizers: a quick and easy form of liquid fertilization and a supplement to the nutrient supply to plants via the roots.

Our FARBIO® foliar fertilizers are mixed with water in a spray bottle and then sprayed onto the entire leaf surface. They provide the plants with targeted nutrients that they can immediately absorb and utilize through the leaves.