FARBIO®: Sustainable and certified liquid fertilizer for a green home.

FARBIO® stands for natural and responsible plant care at the highest level. We think sustainably from development, production to delivery, do not test on animals, use 100% organic ingredients and reduce plastic to a minimum.

Which FARBIO® liquid fertilizer is the right one for your plants?

FARBIO® NPK liquid fertilizer

Basic supply of your plant with all important macronutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium). Balanced formula with amino acid complex. Promotes the development of beneficial microorganisms in the soil.

Mix a few drops with water and pour irrigation water.

FARBIO® Nitrogen Bio Boost

Extra growth of your plant. Nitrogen solution for intensive leafy green as well as many and large leaves. Fast absorption and a high efficiency that can reach 90% within the first 3 hours after application.

Mix a few drops with water and spray onto the leaf surface or add to the irrigation water.

FARBIO® organic micro-complex

Protects and heals your plant. With innovative nano technology, micronutrients (manganese + zinc) and copper complex.

Mix a few drops with water and spray onto the leaf surface or add to the irrigation water.


Natural care and growth for your plants.

Do your indoor plants always die or need a growth boost? We at FARBIO® show you that fertilizing can be simple, sustainable and effective.

Just like us humans, plants also need a regular supply of valuable nutrients in order to maintain their functionality. If your plant is optimally supplied, it will grow continuously and form new large leaves and roots. A universal fertilizer often does not cover all the nutrients the plant needs, which is why FARBIO liquid fertilizers not only provide your plants with macronutrients, but also with important micronutrients.

The FARBIO® organic liquid fertilizers are specially designed for use at home to provide your indoor plants with all the important nutrients. A few drops of our plant elixirs are enough to get the best out of your plant.

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