FARBIO® Starter Set: Plant Care. 3x liquid fertilizer + glass spray bottle

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✓ Complete nutrient supply for your plants: 1x organic fertilizer for houseplants, 1x organic microcomplex and 1x organic nitrogen boost + glass spray bottle with print of your choice
✓ Mix all FARBIO® liquid fertilizers with water
✓ Different applications: add to irrigation water and spray the leaf surfaces
✓ Suitable for all green plants - ideal for indoor plants such as Monstera, Philodendron, Syngonium, Epipremnum, Anthurium, Scindapsus, etc.
✓ Year-round use & suitable for soil substrates or hydroponics
✓ Simple and clean dosing with a pipette
✓ 100% organic and without GMO
✓ Packaging made from sustainable glass and FSC paper

Product description

The basis of any plant care is an adequate supply of all important nutrients. With the FARBIO® premium set you cover all the nutrients your plants need.

This premium starter set includes:

✓ 1x FARBIO® Organic Fertilizer for Houseplants. Basic supply of your plants with all important macronutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium). Balanced formula of organic active ingredients for healthy growth and vital plants.

✓ 1x FARBIO® Organic Nitrogen Boost: A premium fertilizer for extra growth of your plants. Nitrogen for intensive leaf green, fewer yellow leaves and many and large leaves. Rapid absorption and high efficiency through foliar fertilization.

✓ 1x FARBIO® Organic Microcomplex - top-class plant care: plant strengthening, plant protection and plant healing in one. With innovative nano-technology for optimized nutrient absorption micronutrients (manganese + zinc) and copper complex.

You can also buy all products individually in our shop. With this set you save about 10€.

Why FARBIO® liquid fertilizer?

✓ Specially developed for indoor plants and easy application at home.
✓ Dosage by pipette. Without spilling or sticky hands.
✓ Organic ingredients. Certified by ECOCERT.
✓ Development team with 30+ years experience and own production.
✓ Very high efficacy due to important micro and macro nutrients.
✓ Sustainable packaging made of glass.
✓ Human, animal and bee friendly liquid fertilizers. Not tested on animals!

Every purchase from FARBIO® creates more flowering area for bees and other equally important insects in the Lüneburg region. 🌻🐝

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