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5 new jobs in the plant scene

5 neue Jobs in der Pflanzenszene - FARBIO® - Nachhaltige Bio-Flüssigdünger aus Hamburg

The subject of indoor plants has never been as big as it is at the moment. This can be seen from the new jobs that have developed from the plant boom in recent years. It now goes far beyond the well-known gardener, floristry, gardening professions.

plant advice

There used to be a plant doctor, but often only for the garden if the hedge or the lawn caused problems. You can now also get advice on indoor plants, often even completely digitally in a video call. But not only when your houseplants give out are there people who will advise you, but you can also get information about which plants actually suit you before you buy them!

plant artist

The plant community loves houseplants and everything related to them! Of course also works of art with plants. Numerous talented artists are now offering their prints, buttons and merch with plant designs on platforms such as Etsy. Furthermore, plants have become popular photographic objects. Living plant art is also up for auction, such as creative terrariums. Artistic exhibitions, where everything revolves around natural materials, are also becoming increasingly popular.

Interior design with plants

Furnishings have always been an important topic, but with the boom in indoor plants it has taken a whole new direction. Numerous books on interior design with plants have been published in recent years. Instagram accounts that revolve around the green furnishing style are also popular and numerous. There are also courses online that teach you how to properly decorate plants and design spaces inspired by nature. Plant design is the art of beautifying interiors with a living design object: the plant. The goal is to create a living environment that radiates harmony and promotes health.


There are now many great plant-related accounts on Instagram, YouTube, Tiktok and podcast platforms. Tips & tricks, beautiful photographs and funny memes as well as videos are mainly shared. One could almost say that the plant scene has only grown so big because of the people who have shared their love of plants. There are now even plantfluencers who publish their own books and do innovative collaborations with big companies!

Sell ​​plants offshoots & accessories

Because most houseplants are easy to propagate, there are many plant fans who sell their offshoots. On platforms such as ebay classifieds or Jodel you can often get hold of some self-made treasures. With the high prices some rarities have, it comes as no surprise that selling offshoots can be a lucrative business for plant professionals. Mixing soil substrates yourself and selling them to other plant fans is just as popular.

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