5 plant shops for rarities

5 Pflanzenshops: Hier kannst Du Pflanzen Raritäten kaufen - FARBIO® - Nachhaltige Bio-Flüssigdünger aus Hamburg

If you are interested in rare plants, we have five shops for you today that can help you in your search for the plant of your dreams.

Folio Dreams

The German company convinces in several points. In addition to the common plants, the range also includes a large number of rare species that you will not find everywhere. Your plants are usually shipped very quickly and the packaging usually leaves nothing to be desired.

Harmony Plants

The small family-run company from Hesse has specialized in the sale of rare tropical plants. The range is regularly expanded and you will also find some species here that hardly any other shop has.
You don't have to be afraid here, even in winter, because the packaging is convincing across the board and shipping is also very fast.

We love Aroids

This shop also specializes in selling rare tropical plants. What is special about this shop is the possibility of pre-ordering. If you have a plant on your wish list for a long time, you can pre-order it so that you are guaranteed to receive it with the next restock.
When shipping, we attach great importance to getting the plants to you as quickly as possible.

Casa Botanica

Casa Botanica is a Holland-based company. In addition to adult plants, there are also cuttings of many rare species. Shipping at Casa Botanica is usually fast and, if necessary, the plants are also accompanied by heat packs.


The Dutch company originally started selling baby plants, but now also offers a variety of adult plants. In addition to common green plants, there are also many rare species.
What particularly distinguishes the shop is the very good packaging of the plants and their quality.

Caring for rarities: our tips

1. Optimize air humidity: Air that is too dry is not good for plants. Spray the leaves regularly with a suitable spray bottle for higher humidity!

2. Suitable location: sunny or partially shaded? Find out about the ideal location and find it!

3. Regularly check and prevent pests: The earlier you fight them, the less damage your plant will suffer. The FARBIO® organic micro-complex is plant care in a class of its own: plant strengthening, plant protection and plant healing in one.

4. Not without fertilizer: Don't let your plants starve: Regular fertilization is essential for growth! You can find the right organic organic liquid fertilizer for your new rarities here .

5. Avoid overwatering: It's better to under-water than over-water to avoid rotting roots.