5 tips for ultimate plant growth

5 Tipps für das ultimative Pflanzenwachstum - FARBIO® - Nachhaltige Bio-Flüssigdünger aus Hamburg

A shrewd man, Professor Doctor Liebig, found out long ago that the least available resource is the one that restricts plant growth. Even when all other resources are in abundance. So if you want to push your plant to maximum growth, you need to take note of what might be your least available resource and make that available to your plant.

1. Drink enough but not too much

The right water supply is the be-all and end-all for good plant growth. Water is essential for plants to carry out photosynthesis, i.e. to produce energy for growth from light. The water is absorbed through the root system of the plants. The amount of water and the intervals at which the plants are watered are particularly important. The type of plant determines whether the soil can be dry or should be constantly moist. Influencing factors that also affect the water requirements of a plant are the light intensity and the ambient heat. The more light and the warmer the ambient air, the more photosynthesis takes place and the more water evaporates, ergo the more water the plant needs.

2. Moving to a larger apartment

If you want your plant to show maximum growth, then you should treat your plant to a new, larger pot. This is the only way the root system can expand, more water and nutrients can be absorbed and the plant can grow. If you want to do something really good for your plant, you can put it in a greenhouse temporarily or for a longer period of time. These are also available in a small format for the home.

3. The right substrate

In order to be able to grow well, your plant needs the right soil, i.e. the right soil substrate. You have to be careful, because some substrates are so over-fertilized that your plant will die on the flood of nutrients rather than grow bigger and stronger. An imbalance in nutrients is often to blame for this phenomenon: if one substance predominates, other substances cannot be absorbed or can only be absorbed more poorly, which leads to reduced plant growth. So find out exactly what your plant needs and buy a high-quality substrate.

4. Regular fertilizing

Your plants can only really thrive when all of their needs are met. In addition to the right amount of water and the right soil substrate, this also includes an adequate supply of nutrients. As plants absorb nutrients from the air and soil and convert them into leaf matter and fruit, plants will stop growing without an adequate supply. This deficiency occurs particularly quickly in pot cultures, since the roots only have a limited space with soil and the nutrients it contains. Regular fertilization prevents this growth stop. Our FARBIO® organic fertilizer for green plants is the right liquid fertilizer for your indoor plants and promotes rapid growth and ensures the formation of lush green leaves.

5. The right light

If you really want to maximize your plant growth, then you should consider getting an extra light for your plants. Blue, ultraviolet, and red light have the highest proportion of usable wavelengths for plants. Low-energy light such as green and yellow wavelengths are reflected by the plant and therefore only help to a limited extent to stimulate growth. If you now buy an artificial light that emits very high-energy light, then the plant can do even more photosynthesis. Keep in mind that all other factors must also be in abundance for your plant to grow optimally.