The best accessories for plants: This is what you need to care of your houseplants

Das beste Zubehör für Pflanzen: Das brauchst Du für die Pflege Deiner Zimmerpflanzen - FARBIO® - Nachhaltige Bio-Flüssigdünger aus Hamburg

The joy of houseplants lies not only in their beauty, but also in their care. Whether you're a more experienced plant lover or a beginner, having the right supplies is crucial to keeping your plants healthy and happy. Here you can find out everything about the most important tools you need for optimal plant care.

The right substrate for houseplants

Finding the right soil for your plants is not that easy. Because conventional flower or planting soil is not the best choice for Monstera, Philodendron and Co. An alternative is to mix your own soil substrate or enrich peat-free organic soil with mineral substrates. You can order various components such as perlite online.

Plant accessories perlite

In this video you will find step-by-step instructions for this!

The essential plant accessories: fertilizer

Just like us humans, plants also need food to thrive. That's why a high-quality fertilizer is essential to provide your houseplants with the necessary nutrients. Organic liquid fertilizers are a good choice because they are gentle on plants while promoting growth.

Our FARBIO® organic fertilizers support you in caring for your plants.

Fertilizing with the NPK main nutrients promotes rapid plant growth and supports the development of leaves and magnificent flowers. Tailored precisely to the needs of your houseplant.

Should buying plant accessories be even easier? Then discover the starter set for the complete supply of your green favorites.

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Plant care against pests

Pests can affect the growth of your houseplants and even endanger their health. Therefore, always have some environmentally friendly products on hand that you can use to effectively combat fungus gnats, thrips and more. These primarily include neem oil, yellow tablets and fertilizers with the micronutrient copper . A real must-have plant accessory!

Plant vessels: planter, ceramic pot and saucer

The right planter plays an important role: Your pot should always have holes in the bottom and stand on a saucer or in a (nice) planter. This allows excess water to drain away and waterlogging is avoided. There are no limits to the pots, neither in size nor in material. Ceramics and terracotta are very popular.

Accessories for plants: pots

You can find out more about repotting and the correct pot size here.

Must have plant accessories - watering can and spray bottle

To avoid spilling anything when watering, you should use a jug with a fine spout. A spray bottle is also a must to increase the humidity around the plants and prevent them from drying out.

FARBIO® spray bottle made of glass - FARBIO® - Sustainable organic liquid fertilizer from Hamburg

Trellis for climbing plants

Climbing plants and large plants like the popular Monstera often require support to grow properly. Invest in climbing aids made of coconut, moss or metal to give your plants support.

There are great gadgets for attaching the tendrils: Velcro or clips. The latter are suitable for hanging on the wall.

Attach houseplants

Decoration for your houseplant is very trendy

Not a must, but often a hit with plant fans: Make your houseplants an eye-catcher in your home by embellishing them with trendy decorations. From decorative hanging baskets made of macrame to accessories that you can attach directly to the leaves, there are countless ways to stylishly showcase your plants with decorations.

Macrame for plants

Drainage product

By using expanded clay in the bottom of the pot, excess water is drained away better and waterlogging is avoided. This prevents root rot and other problems that can arise from too much moisture. There are now also special drainage products, such as discs that are placed under the pot.