Checking out well-known organic seals: which seal promises what?

Bekannte Bio-Siegel im Check: Welches Siegel verspricht was? - FARBIO® - Nachhaltige Bio-Flüssigdünger aus Hamburg

There are now many different organic certifications and we as consumers often cannot do anything with the different seals at first glance. But one thing is reassuring: due to the strict regulations, wherever it says organic, it says organic. Caution is only required with promises such as environmentally friendly or sustainably produced, because these and similar designations are not protected by law. So that you have a clear view when you make your next purchase, we have selected the best-known organic seals in Germany for you and explain briefly and clearly what they say about a product.

EU organic

The EU organic regulation, which symbolizes the green EU organic logo with the leaf of stars, must be observed for all foods that are produced and sold as organic products in the EU. The most important criteria are:

  • preservation of biodiversity
  • preservation of soil fertility
  • 95% of the ingredients must come from organic farming
  • No chemical synthetic pesticides or fertilizers
  • Sustainable management
  • Species-appropriate animal husbandry and maintenance of animal health
  • GMO-free

State Organic

The German organic seal, also known as the state organic seal, corresponds exactly to the same standards as the EU organic seal. The German organic seal is awarded for products in addition to the EU organic seal, but its use is voluntary. This logo is only for the orientation of the customer, since the word "organic" is shown here in an octagon.


Behind the Ecocert logo is an international control and certification association for ecological products. The association controls organic farming, organic and natural cosmetics, eco-textiles, detergents and cleaning agents and much more.

Ecocert units are located in over 130 countries to monitor compliance with organic standards. Ecocert symbols therefore mean that the entire supply chain of a product, from raw materials to the finished product, has been controlled and audited as organic by Ecocert. The Ecocert standards go beyond the standards of the EU & state organic seal, for example the products must be animal-free.

Our organic liquid fertilizers are provided with the ECOCERT label and thus guarantee 100% organic and animal-free products.


The international Demeter logo indicates that a product has been manufactured under the guidelines of biodynamic agriculture. These standards also go beyond the EU & state organic seal and follow a regenerative approach.

Demeter is not just an agricultural practice, but also a belief system that trusts in the power and wisdom of nature. Cosmic forces are the focus to strengthen symbiotic relationships between the main four realms: mineral, plant, animal and human. The farm is seen as a fifth and separate area where practices aim to increase soil health and biodiversity.

organic land

The Bioland seal is only awarded in Germany and South Tyrol, which means that Bioland products are also relatively regional. The standards go beyond those of the EU and the state organic seal. The 7 principles of Bioland are:

  • Circular economy: Only waste products such as compost or manure are used for fertilization
  • Promote soil fertility: eg with manure or cover crops
  • Species-appropriate animal husbandry: Better feed quality, better quality of life and more living space
  • Valuable food
  • Promoting biological diversity: In the countryside, in the fields and on the farm
  • Preserving the natural basis of life: Earth, air and water form the basis for everything
  • secure a future worth living for people

natural land

The Naturland organic seal is awarded internationally and the guidelines focus on a holistic approach, sustainable management, animal welfare, nature conservation, soil, air and water conservation and consumer protection.

Naturland guidelines also go beyond those of the EU and state organic seals and even deal with topics such as ecological forest use, textile and cosmetics production and social aspects.

As a new sub-label, there is now also the Naturland Fair logo, which, among other things, pays attention to social guidelines, reliable trade relations, fair producer prices and a regional raw material supply.