Causes of brown spots on the leaves of houseplants

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Brown spots on the leaves of your beloved houseplants can be worrying. Leaf spots can have various causes: from diseases to pest infestations to care errors. In this article we will take a closer look at how you can combat and prevent them.

Fungal disease of houseplants

Diseases can be one of the main causes of dark leaf spots on your houseplants. Many different pathogens can infect your plant and discolor the foliage.

Eyespot: Some plants can be affected by eyespot. This disease is usually caused by several species of fungi (e.g. Spilocaea oleaginea and Alternaria solani ) that cause dark, circular spots on the foliage. These often look like eyes, hence the name.

Downy Mildew: Downy mildew is caused by the egg fungus Oomcyta , which reproduces in moist conditions. An infestation is manifested by brown leaf spots that may be covered by a whitish coating.

Recognizing leaf spot disease: damage to houseplants

Leaf spot is a general name for a group of diseases that can be caused by a fungal attack of the genera Alternaria , Ascochyta and Septoria or a bacterial infection. Affected leaves show dark spots. These can be of different shapes and sizes and may be surrounded by a yellow border. Additionally, leaf spot can affect plant growth and health, especially if left untreated.

Leaf spot

Combat leaf spot disease

It is important to recognize the specific symptoms and, if necessary, initiate appropriate treatment in order to then prevent the plants from dying. If you discover a disease on your houseplants, you should first isolate the infected plants to prevent further spread. Then remove the infected plant parts and discard them. Then monitor whether the disease spreads further and use a biological fungicide if necessary.

Infestation of pests on your plant

Another cause of brown spots on your plants are pest insects such as spider mites, thrips and aphids.

Brown spots caused by thrips

In this video you will learn more about natural pest control!

Brown spots on the leaves due to care errors

In addition to diseases and pest infestations, care errors can also lead to brown spots, dried leaf tips or rotten roots on houseplants.

Brown leaf edges = too low humidity

If the humidity is too low, the leaf edges of plants may curl. Misting the leaves regularly using a spray bottle and using a humidifier can then help increase humidity and prevent further damage.

Brown leaf tips

Other possible causes of brown leaves

In addition to the causes already mentioned, excessive watering, too much direct sunlight or incorrect fertilization can also cause damage to Monstera etc. It is important to know the plants' needs and provide proper care to minimize the appearance of brown leaf spots.

Caring for houseplants properly: how to prevent and treat nutrients

Organic fertilizers can make a big difference when it comes to improving the appearance of houseplants and promoting overall plant health.

FARBIO® organic microcomplex

Sufficient supply of nutrients: Only through regular fertilization do plants receive the most important nutrients and trace elements that are essential for growth and health.

Avoid over-fertilization: Synthetic fertilizers are prone to over-fertilization and the associated plant damage such as brown leaf spots. Organic liquid fertilizers are a sustainable alternative.

Less stress for plants: Fertilizers can even help plants deal with stress better. Stressed plants are more susceptible to diseases and pests.

With our FARBIO® organic microcomplex special fertilizer, the focus is on the natural protection of your houseplants. By supplying them with essential trace elements, you ensure that the plants become more vital and resilient! This reduces the effects of pest and disease infestations.