Instructions for growing cannabis in Germany: Guide for beginners

Anleitung für den Cannabis Anbau in Deutschland: Guide für Anfänger*innen - FARBIO® - Nachhaltige Bio-Flüssigdünger aus Hamburg

With the partial legalization of cannabis in Germany from April 1, 2024, cannabis cultivation is becoming increasingly popular. Although the consumption and possession of up to 50 grams is now legal, you cannot easily buy weed in Germany. Obtaining cannabis only through cultivation associations or cannabis social clubs leaves some consumers wondering whether it is worth growing cannabis themselves for their own use. This guide is aimed at beginners and clarifies the most important questions about growing cannabis.

What is allowed for private cannabis cultivation from April 2024?

Under the new cannabis law, adults are permitted to grow up to three female flowering plants per person. Harvesting may only be done for personal consumption and not for passing on to others. According to the new law, not only indoor cultivation is permitted. It is also allowed to grow outdoors as long as it takes place on your own property, which is not accessible to others.

The law also makes it clear that the legal amount of possession refers to 50 grams of dried cannabis (a maximum of 25 grams may be carried in public spaces). So how much cannabis can be grown or harvested? Assuming that cannabis loses 80% of its weight during drying, a harvest of just under 300 grams from a total of three plants is possible.

Grow cannabis indoors or outdoors?

Deciding whether you want to grow cannabis indoors or outdoors depends on various factors and is sometimes not that easy. Indoor growing allows for greater control over environmental conditions such as light, temperature and humidity, which can result in higher yields. Because your cannabis plants grow here in a grow box.

Cannabis growing accessories

Outdoor cultivation, on the other hand, is often less expensive and requires less equipment, but offers less control over environmental conditions and is more susceptible to external influences such as weather or pests. When growing outdoors, there is also the difficulty that you have to find the right location with the right lighting conditions and you may not find this on your balcony or in your garden.

Preparation for private cultivation: This is what you need

Before you start growing cannabis, you will need some basic materials and equipment. This includes:

Cannabis seeds for beginners:

Seeds or cuttings for home cultivation can be legally imported from EU member states or ordered online. Alternatively, they can be obtained from cannabis social clubs or cultivation associations, even if you are not a member.


Quality soil is crucial for growing healthy cannabis plants. Be sure to choose soil that is rich in nutrients and has good drainage.


Indoor growing requires artificial lighting to support plant growth. LED lights are a popular choice because they are efficient and provide the full spectrum of light needed to grow cannabis plants. Here you can find out how to find cheap plant lamps!

Cannabis lighting


Choose pots or containers that are large enough to give your plants' roots enough room to grow. However, start with small nursery pots.

Nutrients through fertilizer:

Cannabis plants need a balanced supply of nutrients to grow healthily and produce high yields. Choose a high-quality liquid fertilizer, this works particularly quickly. You can find out more about how to properly fertilize your cannabis plant here.

Cannabis fertilizer

Step by step instructions: The different phases of growing cannabis

Cannabis plants are generally robust and, after all, grow wild. However, if you want good returns, you should know what you are doing. The cultivation of cannabis goes through several phases, each with specific requirements. Here is an overview of the most important phases:


Start by placing your cannabis seeds between damp paper towels to germinate. Once the seeds have germinated and developed roots, you can plant them in the prepared seed pots. Provide enough light so that the plants develop healthily. When the small pot has roots after a few weeks, you can move your plant to a larger pot.

Cannabis Growing Guide: Germination

Growth phase:

In this phase, the growth of plants is mainly focused on the development of leaves and stems. Make sure your plants receive enough light, water and nutrients to grow healthily. The application of a nitrogen fertilizer is advantageous here. During this phase it is recommended to give plants at least 18 hours of light per day. Some growers even use 24 hours of light per day to maximize growth.

The most important instructions when growing cannabis: initiate the flowering phase

Once your plants have grown sufficiently, they can enter the flowering phase. This is initiated by less light: the light time is shortened to 12 hours per day. This is the only way the inflorescences can form and the cannabinoids can be produced.

Harvesting and drying:

When your plants are mature and the buds have fully developed, it's time to harvest. Carefully trim the plants and remove excess leaves. Then dry the flowers slowly in a well-ventilated room until they reach a suitable level of dryness. Your own cannabis is ready!

Growing Cannabis: Harvesting and Drying Guide

Conclusion on cannabis cultivation in Germany

Private cultivation of cannabis in Germany offers consumers, with the right instructions, an exciting opportunity to grow high-quality cannabis for their own use. By using the right materials, such as high-quality fertilizers, and following legal regulations , you can successfully grow cannabis plants and achieve a bountiful harvest. Good luck with your cultivation!