The 5 most expensive indoor plants

Die 5 teuersten Zimmerpflanzen - FARBIO® - Nachhaltige Bio-Flüssigdünger aus Hamburg

Have you ever wondered how much you can spend on just one houseplant? Some plants are so expensive that for the same money you could secure your retirement or buy a house or a luxury car. We have picked out the most expensive houseplants on the market for you.

1st place: Expensive pensioners - very old bonsai

Hardly surprising: the older a bonsai tree, the more expensive it is. There are bonsai trees that are several hundred years old and cost as much as a large single-family home. Of course, almost no one can afford such a copy. The good news is that you can't tell from looking at a bonsai whether it's several hundred years old or several decades old. Ready-made bonsai can be bought online for under 50 euros. But you can also grow your own bonsai and you can do this with almost any type of tree, even with well-known local woods. The trick is to give the tree little space for root growth by using little substrate and to prune it often so that the small tree looks like its larger siblings, only in doll format. In order to achieve this, the branches of the tree must also be regularly wrapped with wire to shape them in the direction you want them to face.


2nd place: Expensive flower - the Shenzhen Nongke orchid

This rare orchid commands a record price. This particular orchid was bred at China's Shengzen Nongke University. If you want to buy such an orchid, you have to put up to 250,000 euros on the table. It took the researchers around 8 years to breed this orchid, which is why the price is so high. This plant only blooms every 5 years, so it requires a lot of patience from the owner. The rare Shengzen Nongke orchid probably remains a dream because most plant lovers cannot pay this price. However, there are orchids below this price in all price ranges and also very cheap orchids that are still pleasing to the eye and are a stylish, understated accent in any interior.


3rd place: Expensive tree friend - Philodendron billietiae variegata

Just like the Monstera plants, this rare Philodendron also belongs to the arum family. Specimens of this rather inconspicuous houseplant can be worth up to 5,000 euros online. The special feature of Philodendron is that they can grow in substrate, but also as epiphytes on trees (Philodendron = Greek for tree friend). The more unique the coloring and variegation of the leaves, the more money the plant is worth. Cuttings of this plant are sold on Ebay classifieds for 1,500 euros, not exactly a bargain. If you want one of these, you'll have to dig a little deeper into your pockets, because this plant is a collector's item among houseplants. Other Philodendron variants are significantly cheaper and would be worth considering if you have a smaller budget!

4th place: The houseplant classic - expensive Monstera

The most expensive houseplant ever auctioned was a mini monstera (Monstera minima) with rarely white leaves and no less than 9 leaves. This small plant was auctioned in New Zealand on the “Trade Me” platform, the New Zealand eBay, for the equivalent of 16,000 euros. The houseplant trend has experienced real hype there and those interested are outdoing each other. Other Monstera variants are also very popular and can easily be worth several hundred euros. Variants from the Monstera family such as the Monstera dubia or the Monstera Thai Constellation. If you don't have several hundred euros to spare to buy such an exclusive example, but still want to own one, then your green thumb is in demand. The cuttings of these plants are available for less than a hundred euros on the relevant auction websites. If you want to know more about Monstera plants or buying plants on Ebay and Co. If you want to find out more, take a look at our magazine!

Monstera rarity

5th place: An expensive rarity - Syngonium Strawberry Ice Halfmoon

The third plant in the group, which also comes from the arum family, is the Syngonium Strawberry Ice Halfmoon. The leaves of this plant are striking due to their delicate pink color. This is a special feature for plants, because “wasting” the high-energy red sunlight in the form of red flowers or leaves is a pure luxury. Due to the lower absorption of energy by the photosynthetically inactive pink parts of the leaves, the plant grows more slowly than representatives with purely green leaves. The Synogium Strawberry Ice variant has leaves that are asymmetrically colored pink. The Strawberry Ice Halfmoon variant is also characterized by the fact that the leaves are symmetrically divided into two in color at the so-called leaf scar. One half of the leaf is green, the other side of the leaf is pink. An absolute rarity that can cost up to 1000 euros. Tip for the bargain hunter: The variant with asymmetrical pink leaves can be purchased for under 100 euros.

Proper plant care

Anyone who spends a lot of money on rare plants also wants to take optimal care of them. That's why using a high-quality fertilizer is a must for every plant lover. Why? Regular fertilization is essential for the long-term health and growth of your plant because fertilizer provides it with vital nutrients. Because of the continuous absorption of nutrients through the roots of a plant, they are eventually used up in the soil. Our FARBIO® organic fertilizer for green plants also supports you in caring for your green favorites!

Particularly trendy: leaf fertilizer! They are a quick and simple form of liquid fertilization - they provide the plants with targeted nutrients that they can immediately absorb and utilize through the leaves. The FARBIO® organic microcomplex protects and heals your plant. With innovative nano-technology, micronutrients (manganese + zinc) and copper complex.

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