Discover local plant shops in Düsseldorf

Entdecke lokale Pflanzenshops in Düsseldorf - FARBIO® - Nachhaltige Bio-Flüssigdünger aus Hamburg

Are you looking for a special shopping experience and want to support local businesses? Us too! That's why we have selected great plant shops in Düsseldorf for you. Just take a look and expand your urban jungle!

Green Note

Green Note helps you find the right plant for you. The plants come from exclusive nurseries around Düsseldorf. They ensure that the plants are grown with particular consideration of social aspects and ecological requirements. Super sustainable because this includes, among other things, rainwater irrigation, the use of solar energy and biological protection measures. In addition to magnificent green plants, cacti and other succulents, you will also find care items, books, tools and matching pots from trendy labels.

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Love Your Plants

Love Your Plants in Düsseldorf offers you everything a plant lover's heart desires and what you need for urban gardening and your urban jungle. From house, bed and balcony plants to pots, accessories, plant protection products and fertilizers to decorative items, they have everything there. The focus is on individual advice; if necessary, they will even come to your home in Düsseldorf and provide on-site advice on balcony design or greening of the apartment, house or winter garden, etc.

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Die blumen-Brüder

Regionality, fair prices and the best quality – that’s what the flower brothers from Holland stand for. There is a large selection of plants and products related to the garden world in their range. Whether plants for the house, balcony or garden, chic planters and more. There are also current tips about plants and gardening so that you too can get a green thumb.

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Urbangrow Growshop

In this shop for plant growing supplies you can get everything an urban gardener's heart desires. In addition to classic products for the garden, they offer a colorful range for hobby indoor plant cultivation. Here you will find what you are looking for if you are looking for plant lamps and plant care - you choose your grow needs carefully based on quality and performance. Personal advice in Düsseldorf is also possible. Whether it's hydro systems, plant tents or a wide variety of substrates - feel free to make your own impression in the store.

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