FARBIO is part of the Federal Association for Sustainable Economy eV (BNW)

FARBIO ist Teil des Bundesverband Nachhaltige Wirtschaft e.V. (BNW) - FARBIO® - Nachhaltige Bio-Flüssigdünger aus Hamburg

FARBIO & sustainability: Our mission

At FARBIO, we want to enable effective and sustainable plant care: using only organic fertilizers. These require less energy and resources in production compared to mineral fertilizers and promote the maintenance of healthy rivers and soil instead of salinizing them.

Our liquid fertilizers are certified organic, which means: no genetic engineering and no chemical-synthetic pesticides. FARBIO is proud that all products are allowed to carry the ECOCERT logo. Because this organic logo goes beyond the legal minimum and only certifies products that have been controlled from the raw material to the finished product and audited as organic. Furthermore, only products that have been developed and produced entirely without animal testing are certified.

FARBIO does not use any kind of plastic for any packaging and instead uses environmentally friendly materials. All our containers for fertilizer and Co. are made of sustainable amber glass. Only paper labels are used for FARBIO labels in order to save as much plastic as possible. Due to the high concentration of FARBIO products, a smaller bottle is required. Due to the smaller bottles, no large packaging is used and waste is saved. In order to keep the transport routes and thus the CO2 balance of our products as small as possible, we rely on value chains within Europe. FARBIO strives to make all products vegan.

What is the Federal Association for Sustainable Economy eV?

FARBIO cares about sustainability, which is why we are proud to be part of the Federal Association for Sustainable Economy (BNW eV). The federal association was founded in 1992 and is a nationwide association of companies that are committed to environmental and climate protection.
All members of the association convince with pioneering spirit, diversity and solutions for a future-oriented economy. The focus is on the connection between economy, society and ecology. Members of the BNW have one thing in common: sustainability is anchored in the company.
As a non-profit association, BNW is committed to sustainable environmental and economic policies. The association has political influence, both at European and national level: The European umbrella organization Ecopreneur.eu supports the concerns of the association in Brussels. In Germany, too, the voice of the group counts when it comes to promoting the sustainable economy in the political framework.

Why is FARBIO part of the BNW?

We are part of the network because it gives us the opportunity to achieve greater goals together. We can exchange ideas with pioneering companies in the field of sustainability and get in touch with other innovative green start-ups and set up joint projects! We want to use a larger political voice to stand up for what is important to us: resource efficiency, climate protection, equality, diversity and human rights in supply chains.

You can find the right fertilizer for your plants under the FARBIO® organic liquid fertilizers .