Gifts for plant lovers: original houseplant gift ideas

Geschenke für Pflanzenliebhaber und -liebhaberinnen: originelle Zimmerpflanzen Geschenkideen - FARBIO® - Nachhaltige Bio-Flüssigdünger aus Hamburg

Because we want the recipients to be really happy, we present the best gifts for plant lovers that they really need.

Must Have Gift: High Quality Plant Care

How about a new favorite fertilizer as a gift? Without chemical-synthetic substances and still highly effective! We have developed FARBIO® liquid fertilizers specifically for houseplants. Our products consist of 100% organic ingredients and thus optimally promote plant growth. All of our liquid fertilizers can be combined with each other - discover the FARBIO® starter set: plant care now. 3x liquid fertilizer + glass spray bottle

FARBIO® liquid fertilizer in a gift set

Are you wondering what nutrients houseplants need? Then you will find out more in this video.

Easy care succulents and cacti

If you want to give a live houseplant as a gift, cacti and succulents are best. They are easy to care for, robust and can be shipped even when they are small.

The right gift for everyone: plant pot / flower pot

What you always need are flower pots: That's why a fun gift for plant lovers can be a particularly flashy flower pot - there are no limits to sizes, shapes and colors.

Cacti in colorful pots

Watering can and spray bottle

A suitable watering can is particularly important for houseplants - aesthetically and functionally. Those with a thin, elongated neck are ideal.

The right humidity is important - with a suitable sprayer, the plants can easily get the moisture they need: Discover our spray bottle made of sustainable brown glass now. With high-quality print “PLANT MOM”. The black spray cap makes it ideal for plant care. The possibility of personalization makes the glass bottle a great gift for anyone who has - or wants to get - a green thumb. Simply write PLANT MOM's name on the line provided using a white, waterproof pen!

Gift idea: glass spray bottle

Bonsai starter kit and bottle garden

A bottle garden is a small, self-contained ecosystem. As the name suggests, it consists of a bottle into which plants are planted. You can build bottle gardens yourself at home, but you can also buy them. They are available in many different variations and with different types of plants - making them the perfect gift for plant lovers.

Special gift idea: There are also bottle gardens with small bonsai trees.

Bottle garden as a gift

More gift ideas: Decorations with plants

If you have a lot of plants, you will eventually run out of space. A decorative plant stand is therefore perfect as a gift because it creates more space outside of the windowsill, shelf, etc.

For anyone who has a heart for plants, a DIY macrame set is sure to be great fun. Because hanging plants like the ivy stand out particularly well.

Hanging plants

Original plant accessories

For popular plants such as Monstera, climbing aids help to control the direction of growth and promote upright growth. Trellises made of metal, coconut or moss are therefore ideal gifts.

Other great gift ideas include growing stations for propagating houseplants. This is done quite simply with cuttings: they are simply placed in water for a while and root there.

Propagation of houseplants

Things worth knowing: books about plants or a visit to the botanical garden

The perfect gift for your friend can be a book about the urban jungle, for browsing or learning. A trip together to the nearby botanical garden can also be very nice and is therefore also a sustainable gift idea.