Mangoes are the new avocados

Mangos sind die neuen Avocados - FARBIO® - Nachhaltige Bio-Flüssigdünger aus Hamburg

At the beginning of the pandemic, there was a trend to plant everything that has a core or seed and see what happens. Avocados were tried and tested before, but now the trend has followed with mangoes. Eat a delicious sweet mango, plant the seed and you have a new houseplant. We will show you how you can grow a new tree from a core that you would otherwise throw away.

Cut the seed out of the core

First, of course, you have to buy a mango. It is best to check that it is a very ripe mango and not a green one. After consumption, you wash the core thoroughly so that no more pulp is stuck to the fibers. Then you dry the core so that you can hold it well and it doesn't slip out of your hand. Now run a knife along the thicker "seam" of the kernel and try to pry it open like an oyster. But be careful not to cut your hand.


Once the core is open, you can take out the seed and place it in a damp paper towel and place it in a freezer bag so that the moisture is retained. Put the bag in a warm place and check regularly that no mold has formed and whether there is still enough moisture in the bag. After about 2 weeks the seed should have germinated and the first root should be visible.


Now you can plant the seed in soil. The roots must be completely underground and the seedling above it. The pot should be in a warm, bright spot like the windowsill. Pay attention to regular watering so that the soil always stays moist. Regular spraying with water should also not be neglected. This mimics the tropical climate.

Further care

Just like other houseplants, it is best to fertilize your mango every 2 months during the growing season. In summer you can also put your ornamental tree on the balcony, but it must be inside in winter, because it does not tolerate temperatures below 15 degrees. The mango tree is not easy to care for, but if you keep an eye on it, it should thrive in your care!

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