Natural plant strengtheners explained

Natürliche Pflanzenstärkungsmittel erklärt - FARBIO® - Nachhaltige Bio-Flüssigdünger aus Hamburg

Organic plant strengtheners are a great way to help your plants grow stronger and healthier. But what exactly is the difference to fertilizers and how can you make your own natural remedies? This article explains the effects of nettle manure, horsetail and co.

Effect of organic plant strengtheners

Support plant strengtheners by promoting health through synergetic effects with plant substances.

Plant strengtheners often consist of natural secondary plant substances. They can be organic based, such as essential oils, or microbial based through fungi and supporting bacteria. There are also mineral plant strengtheners, for example with rock flour.

The use of plant strengtheners makes more sense with young plants than with older plants, as these are particularly susceptible to diseases and the like. In the case of cultivated plants, it is usually worthwhile to simply apply non-supporting agents shortly before harvest.

Difference between plant strengtheners and fertilizers

Plant strengtheners have no significant nutrient content, nor can they cure diseased or infested plants. They have a preventative effect against disease and harmful insects, but also against other harmful events such as frost, heat and drought by making plants vital and robust.

Fertilizers are not plant strengtheners but belong to another product group. Fertilization provides plants with essential nutrients nutrients for survival and is therefore indispensable for plant care.

Pesticides also belong to another group. Pesticides are active against pests and diseases, while tonics only prevent! In general, it can be said that plant strengtheners are the least strictly regulated, if at all.

Make your own plant strengtheners

Effective remedies for your plant are easy to make. You often have the required ingredients in the garden or growing along the way. The secondary plant substance silicic acid can be extracted from plant material such as stinging nettles or field horsetail. This helps to strengthen cell walls and cell structures and is therefore an ideal tonic for plants both indoors and outdoors.

For liquid manure, fill a bucket 3/4 full with nettles and fill the rest with rainwater. Rock flour can be added to counteract the smell. Then the fermentation process begins - the liquid manure is ready when the nettles have steeped for two weeks.

Horsetail broth is easy to make by pouring boiling water over it and letting it steep for at least 24 hours.

Burdock root is also great to boil up as a tonic, and tansy spoils the beetles' appetites!

Essential oils are suitable as a small aid for the plants: the oils of chamomile and peppermint inhibit the growth and spread of fungal diseases.

oils of herbs

Use natural plant strengtheners

You should never use the strengthening preparation undiluted. Dilute liquid manure and broth with a few liters of water: use in a ratio of 1:10 for young plants and cuttings and 1:20 for older plants.

Either you add the agent to the watering water directly on the plant foot or you simply use it by spraying it on the leaf.

What can stinging nettle manure, horsetail and co do?

Plant strengtheners, whether bought or homemade, are used preventively to give pests and diseases such as mildew, aphids and fungi no chance. Components such as silicic acid make plants more vital, which strengthens the plant's own defenses. They are not regulated by the fertilizer law as they are hardly nutrient such as phosphorus and trace elements. However, they help to keep all parts of the plant healthy, it is a plant aid, so to speak. That is why preparations for strengthening indoor and garden plants can be effectively combined with fertilization and, if necessary, plant protection products!

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