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The syngonium, also called purple mare, comes from the tropical rainforest of Central and South America. There are several species, with many different leaf colors. From light to dark green to pink, everything is included. The leaves can show a special veining, variegation or color gradient. As the name suggests, the shape of the leaves is reminiscent of arrowheads. Syngoniums grow bushy and then form tendrils for climbing. You should provide them with a moss stick or something similar as soon as you notice the first tendrils.


The syngonium grows very quickly and needs a lot of water. Especially in summer it should be watered at least twice a week. If she gets too little water, she lets the leaves droop. After watering, they stand up normally again. If this happens every now and then, don't worry, if it becomes a regular occurrence, it can damage the roots of your plant. On the other hand, you must not water too much either, otherwise waterlogging will occur and the roots will rot. So always make sure that the soil is slightly moist and water more often in small amounts rather than too much at once.


Since it is a plant from the tropical rainforest, it needs high humidity. You should spray your plant regularly with water or place a humidifier nearby. If the humidity is too low, the leaves can develop brown spots. In addition, they are then more susceptible to pests such as tripe, which love drought.

The FARBIO® glass spray bottle is particularly suitable for spraying the leaves of your syngonium with water and thus ensuring a high level of humidity.


The Syngonium plant prefers loose, airy soil. Check out our article on the perfect Monstera substrate , where we explain how to mix your own good soil for your houseplants. Most of the soil that you get at the hardware store is not suitable for your plants. They do not have large pores and do not allow air to reach the roots, which can quickly lead to root rot.


Like most plants, the Syngonium likes it bright and warm. You can put them on a windowsill that doesn't get direct sunlight. Strong sunlight can burn the thin leaves quickly. The syngonium can react relatively sensitively to temperature fluctuations. Watch out for a slow change in temperature and acclimate the plant first if you change location.


The arrow leaf grows quickly and can easily be propagated from cuttings. You cut off the shoot under a leaf knot. You can put this cutting in moss, water or soil so that it gets roots. Rooting works best with moss. It can quickly happen in water or soil that the cutting rots. To get more roots to your cutting faster, you can use so-called root powder or root gel. It contains the plant hormone auxin, which promotes root growth.

You can find a suitable fertilizer for your plants among the FARBIO® organic liquid fertilizers .

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