Direktes Licht

How important is sunlight for your plants?

Wie wichtig ist Sonnenlicht für Deine Pflanzen? - FARBIO® - Nachhaltige Bio-Flüssigdünger aus Hamburg

Plants need the sunlight. This is important for photosynthesis. This is a process by which plants convert sunlight, water and CO2 into glucose and oxygen. So it is the energy production of the plants so that they can grow. No plant thrives without light (except dried flowers) and most of the time even the brightest room is still too dark for some plants. The glass pane filters the light and therefore it differs from the so-called "natural" light.

Indoor plants can be divided into three categories according to their light requirements: those that require direct light (e.g. cactus, aloe vera, yucca), indirect light (e.g. monstera, ivy) and little light (e.g. rubber tree, ivy).

When buying the plant, it is important to pay attention to its light requirements and to choose plants that also thrive in shady places. Even these less light demanding plants should still get as much light as possible.

Plants always grow toward the light, and if you don't change their orientation, they will begin to lean to one side. It is therefore important to turn the plants once a week to maintain their upright growth.

How do I know if the light conditions are right for my plant? The plants show you. If they have too little light , the leaves fade or are even dropped. The plant stretches towards the light on one side. The new leaves are only stunted and with sampled leaves the leaf only appears green. If there is too much light, the leaves will look burned or faded in some places.

If the plant has the right location and thrives there quite well, then you should not change the location. Except in the dark season, when plants can move closer to the light source.

If you change the light conditions of the plant, for example by placing it on the terrace in summer or observing signs of too little/too much light, you should first get used to the light conditions of the new location, i.e. do not put it in direct sunlight right away.

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