How do houseplants survive your vacation? This is how you can water your plants

Wie überstehen Zimmerpflanzen Deinen Urlaub? So kannst Du Deine Pflanzen bewässern - FARBIO® - Nachhaltige Bio-Flüssigdünger aus Hamburg

Why is it important to think about watering plants during your vacation? If you didn't take proper precautions to care for your houseplants beforehand, you may return to find your beloved plants in poor condition. A big mistake is to water your plants heavily before leaving. Not all plants can tolerate a lot of water and the result is often waterlogging and a dying plant. But what options are there to provide plants with enough water over the holidays?

Water plants by placing them in water

With this method, the entire plant is placed in an appropriately sized sink or bathtub without a saucer. Fill a basin or tub with a few inches of water, then place a folded towel on top of which to place the pot containing the houseplant. This method guarantees a moderate water supply over a longer period of time.  

Watering with a plastic bottle  

Drill a hole in the lid of a plastic bottle, fill the water bottle and screw it on. Then place the bottle upside down in the soil so that it stabilizes. Over a longer period of time, the plant itself extracts the required liquid from the bottle using osmosis.

Bottle irrigation system

The watering cord for watering on vacation

This watering method works best for smaller potted plants. First, a wool thread is placed in water so that it soaks up the water. Then one end of the thread is hung deep into a filled water bottle so that it reaches the bottom. The other end of the thread is buried root-deep in the ground. Irrigation is therefore carried out entirely via the wool thread. If the houseplant's soil is dry, the wool thread absorbs itself and releases the water directly to the roots.  

Water plants with clay bowl

You can use a clay bowl or other clay container to provide your plants with water for a longer period of time. A clay container is filled with water and placed lightly into the ground. Since clay is permeable to water, the water is constantly released from the container as soon as the environment dries out - perfect for watering plants on vacation!

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