How do indoor plants survive your vacation?

Wie überstehen Zimmerpflanzen Deinen Urlaub? So kannst Du Deine Pflanzen bewässern - FARBIO® - Nachhaltige Bio-Flüssigdünger aus Hamburg

If you didn't take the proper precautions to take care of your houseplants before you leave, you may find your beloved plants in poor condition when you return. A big mistake is to water your plants heavily before you leave. Not all plants take a lot of watering and the result is often waterlogging and a dying plant. But what options are there to provide plants with enough water over the holiday?  

Put the plant in water  

With this method, the entire plant is placed in a suitably sized sink or bathtub without a saucer. The basin or tub is filled a few inches with water and then a folded towel is placed in it, on which the pot with the houseplant is placed. This method guarantees a moderate water supply over a longer period of time.  

Watering with a plastic bottle  

A hole is drilled in the lid of a plastic bottle, the water bottle is filled and screwed shut. The bottle is then placed upside down in the ground so that it can hold itself. Over a longer period of time, the plant itself withdraws the required liquid from the bottle with the help of osmosis.  

The casting cord  

This watering method works best for smaller potted plants. First, a thread of wool is placed in water so that it soaks up water. Then one end of the thread is hung deep in a filled water bottle so that it reaches the ground. The other end of the thread is buried root-deep in the ground. The watering is thus carried out completely via the wool thread. If the soil of the houseplant is dry, the wool thread absorbs itself and releases the water directly to the roots.  

The Clay Bowl  

With a clay bowl or other clay container, you can provide your plants with water for a longer period of time. A clay container is filled with water and slightly stuck into the ground. Because clay is permeable to water, water will constantly be released from the container as the environment dries out.  

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