dragon tree

Drachenbaum - FARBIO® - Nachhaltige Bio-Flüssigdünger aus Hamburg

The dragon tree, with its up to 150 species, comes from the asparagus family (Asparagaceae). It is native to Africa, Asia and the Canary Islands. It's not a tree, it's a shrub. The dragon tree requires little water because it is stored in the trunk. The leaves are oblong and vary in color depending on the species. The Canary Dragon Tree (Dracaena draco) has leaves with a reddish border. The fragrant dragon tree (Dracaena fragrans) has white stripes on broader leaves. The subspecies Dracaena surculosa is special because its leaves are not striped, but spotted with yellow. In addition, its trunk is not so thick and is reminiscent of bamboo. The dragon tree thrives in a sunny to partially shaded location with high humidity and likes temperatures above 15 degrees. In summer, the houseplant can also be outside. The dragon tree can grow up to 2 meters tall, but it grows slowly. The plant is poisonous to humans and pets.

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