A leaf

Einblatt - FARBIO® - Nachhaltige Bio-Flüssigdünger aus Hamburg

The single sheet is also called the peace lily in German and comes from the tropics. It belongs to the Araceae family and there are about 60 different species. The Lesser Einblatt (Spathiphyllum wallisii) is the most common species, with leaves that are about 20cm long. The Greater Einblatt (Spathiphyllum floribundum) has leaves with a length of about 50cm. The single leaf has cream-colored flowers that bloom twice a year. The foliage of the plant is plain with its glossy dark green leaves in an elongated oval shape. The plant does not tolerate direct sunlight. The plant likes it warm at temperatures above 16 degrees and needs a lot of water. The bathroom is the perfect location for the leaflet. In summer, however, the single leaf can also be protected outside. A loamy and pebbly soil is best. The single leaf is poisonous to humans and pets.

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