spider plant

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The spider plant belongs to the subfamily of the agave family (Agavoideae) within the asparagus family (Asparagaceae) and comes from Africa. There are up to 190 different subspecies to be found. The spider plant is non-toxic to humans and pets. The plant stays small, herbaceous and reaches a maximum height of 60cm. Most species of spider plant have oblong green leaves with a light stripe down the middle. However, this varies depending on the species of spider plant. For example, Chlorophytum comosum has a yellowish stripe in the middle, Chlorophytum amaniense, also called fire lightning, has orange accents and Chlorophytum capense has white stripes. The spider plant thrives in a variety of locations. At temperatures above 10 degrees, a location outside is also possible. It prefers humus-rich and loamy soil. The spider plant also blooms as houseplants in the summer months with a white star-shaped flower. Tufts develop from the dried flower, which form aerial roots by themselves. These so-called daughters can be separated from the mother plant and repotted directly. It has been proven that spider plants improve the air.

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