Monstera - FARBIO® - Nachhaltige Bio-Flüssigdünger aus Hamburg

The evergreen Monstera comes from Central and South America and belongs to the Araceae family. It has heart-shaped split leaves. There are about 45 different types. Monstera Adansonii cultivated as a houseplant differs in that it has enclosed holes in the leaf structure, while Monstera Deliciosa is known for its fenestrations. Most species are rich green in color, but there are also variants with variegated leaves, such as Monstera Variegata. The plant likes it warm, humid, semi-shady and with a climbing pole. As a houseplant, it very rarely develops a flower, from which the name Monstera Deliciosa can be derived, because it is edible and is considered delicious. Monstera derives from monstrous because the plant and its leaves can grow very large. The Monstera feels most comfortable in a soil with different proportions of soil, coconut fibers and worm castings. In our magazine you will find instructions for mixing.
The plant is slightly toxic to humans and pets.

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