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Reviews from our shop: www.farbio.com

From Brigitte N.:
I am very happy with the products. What I like best is the easy dosing. I think my plant is doing better after the Bio-Microcomplex treatment. She was very weak after pest infestation. 


From anonymous:
Great product, fast delivery and nice seller. Always my pleasure. 😊 


From Monica B.: 

Super easy application 


From anonymous: 

Fast delivery, very high quality products that visibly make my plants grow! 


From anonymous: 

Product good, nice packaging, fast delivery 


From Birgit K.: 

From ordering to delivery it was very quick. An item was missing on delivery, contacted support via email. I was answered promptly and politely and the item was there in two days. 


From Michael B: 

I am currently using the microcomplex fertilizer as a foliar fertilizer for my high quality plants. In addition, I add a drop of NPK fertilizer (mineral) to this solution. So far I can only report positive things. The plants are well taken care of. 


From Tom F: 

Each of your products keeps what you promise. I am very pleased! In the attached picture you can see the realignment of my Alocasia frydek... applied nitro boost 2x, micro complex and organic fertilizer 1x, I don't think I have to say anything more about it! 


Reviews on Amazon  


From nicebert: Finally a fertilizer that takes up little space 😉👍 

The fertilizer is so highly concentrated that it fits into this small bottle! Mixed with 250 ml of water, it should be enough for 41.5 l! Thanks to the pipette, it can be dosed very precisely. The application is thus easy and also promising! Now time will tell if he's really good 😁. From me first 4 ⭐! 


From Liliane G.: I really like this way of fertilizing 

I received this BIO micro-complex plant fertilizer from Farbio to test.
The scope of delivery includes a 50ml bottle with a dosing pipette. The dosage of 6 drops to 250ml can be done very well with the pipette. Despite the small bottle, it seems to be productive, because it is enough for 160 applications with 6 drops in 250ml water. I really like this way of fertilizing because I just sprayed it with water beforehand. The fertilizer is thick, brownish and smells like Maggi spice. I couldn't think of anything more appropriate. What I really like is that it is suitable for all plants and has an ORGANIC certification. The fertilizer is 100% organic and vegan and is suitable for strengthening, protecting or even healing the plants. Two weeks after a discounter's sales campaign, I bought "bird-friendly" shrubs, but they dried up and didn't expect them all to actually sprout. This liquid fertilizer should be used once a month during the winter months and twice a month during the summer months. If you prefer to fertilize through the roots, you can also add it to the irrigation water. I'm curious to see how my shrubs will develop. As soon as it gets a little warmer, the shrubs go onto the balcony and get a little support with this fertilizer every 2 weeks. Update will follow in October. I give it a provisional 5 stars. I think the price of almost 35EUR for the 50ml is reasonable. 


From Seahorse: FARBIO organic micro-complex liquid crop protection, suitable for spraying and pouring 

I got to know the Hamburg company Farbio last year when I was able to order the premium package with plant care, protection and extra growth directly from them. I was not disappointed and am now delighted to be able to order these products from Amazon Vine. This is a 100% organic organic liquid fertilizer for plant strengthening, plant protection and plant healing. The Bio Micro Complete is expressly recommended for very sensitive plants to combat diseases and pests. Supports the action of NPK fertilizers. Also human, pet and bee friendly. The application for mixing with water is simple: you need to mix 6 drops for 250ml of water (12 drops for 500ml) in a spray bottle and spray the plant leaves with it for prevention. But it can also be put in the watering can, the roots can optimally absorb the organic micro-complex. In any case, I am very satisfied with Farbio's complete product range and my plants such as Alocasia, Aglaonema, Philodendron, Syngonium, Anthurium, Calathea, Peperomia and Ficus/Gum thank me. I am very happy to recommend Farbio, they have a great range of products. 


From Zuckeraffe: Gives plants new strength 

Our birds had nibbled on a Monstera and they took it very badly.
She didn't want to anymore...has shed all the leaves and "twigs". We tried everything possible to bring them back to life. We have been using this fertilizer for about 3 weeks now and the first new shoots are appearing. Absolutely great. Dosing is easy and simple. 


From S.Pommer: 

According to its description, this liquid plant fertilizer is perfect for my green plants, which I always leave in front of the house during the warm months. They suffered a lot from the heated air in their winter quarters. The lack of light did the rest, so that I often had to cut them. I would now like to strengthen them with this fertilizer in order to make them fit and, above all, handsome again for the fresh air stay. I'm very curious to see how it will play out, but I'm very confident. I will take photos before the first application to be able to document the comparison. In any case, I can see from the mixing ratio that this highly concentrated fertilizer has a long range. After all, according to the package information, approx. 160 x 250 ml can be mixed with it. I've taken care of that for at least a year and only use up a possible share of €2.92 per month. This is something that clearly mitigates the rather high price. I give the product 5 stars and my recommendation. 


From MUSBUC: Hopefully good! 

The bottle arrived on time and is easy to use. With the pipette you can really take drop by drop. It was recommended by a YouTube plant connoisseur who I respect. With such liquids it is of course always very difficult to give a review because you first have to see how the stuff works. Although it is quite expensive, it is also very economical and easy to portion. I hope my plant crew will thank me. None of them have complained yet. 


From Amazon customer: Everything green again! 

Great product! I bought it for my basket marants because they needed a little boost. They're greener than they've been in a long time!
The application is also quick and easy. I'm really excited! Will I order again! 


From Otto: plant nutrition, plant rescue 

Nitrogen, carbon, hydrolyzed protein (amino acids) – plants need this and, of course, light and water. I ordered the fertilizer mentioned above to make one last attempt to save my living room plant. The communication of the provider is sufficient and also meaningful and informative for laypeople. I did some additional research myself. Nitrogen is an important component of proteins, DNA and chlorophyll, which is necessary for photosynthesis. A lack of nitrogen can slow plant growth and change leaf color. And plants use carbon as the building material for their cells. It is therefore essential for the development of biomass, i.e. leaves, wood and roots. And I'm afraid that's the problem with my stressed, sick yucca palm. All FARBIO products are not cheap. But the supplier has established its brand and can look back on 30 years of experience in the development and production of organic plant fertilizers. The company makes a good impression on me with its communication, its website and its reputation. All FARBIO liquid fertilizers are ECOCERT certified. You get the instructions on how to use the product. I give 5 stars. If any aspect changes my mind, I will change my rating here afterwards. 


From Maria N.: great fertilizer 

I was allowed to test the plant fertilizer from FARBIO as part of the Vine program.
It arrived well packaged and as quickly as usual. I was a bit skeptical about the manufacturer's promises, but used the liquid fertilizer for my houseplants, which are often closer to death than life for me. What can I say they really do look a lot better and seem to be recovering. I'm still looking for the middle ground between drowning and growing crispy, but the fertilizer gives them a booster to survive me for a while until I find this middle ground. Top product, full 5 stars 


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